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In 2010,the Census survey indicated that over 32 percent of children across the country were living in poverty. It is now 2013 so imagine how much that percentage has increased. We are holding a food and clothing drive to collect for the children in need. We are also accepting money donations of any amount. Imagine your child standing on the corner holding this sign.. Help us to turn this child's life around along with many other children in need.

Change a Child's life

Saturday, May 4th, 8:30am-12:30pm

702 Chestnut Walk

Canton, GA

We accept gently used clothing, toys, and all non perishable food items.

Give and receive from us!

8:30-9:30-raffle tickets are being sold for donations, prize: trip to Orlando,Florida

9:30-10:30- clothing is being collected and free donuts for all who stop by!

10:30-11:30- collection of toys

11:30-12:30- last chance to bring by all donations, bounce house available for the children, lunch for all!