Adams' Weekly News

This Weeks Highlights

Reading- And then what happened...?

On Monday, we started to read a story called " And then what happend ". The book was about how Paul Revere lead the Boston Tea Party and his life. Then, we answered questions about the story.

Friendship Club

Every Wedneday during lunch, tell your child to bring their lunch and bring a friend to room 6-130. Frenship Club is a club to not only grow your child's current friendships but to also create new friendships.

CAAASP Testing

Tuesday and Thursday, your child will take a state science. This state science will see how much your child has learned since the beginning of 4th grade. Some topics include magnets, enviornments, rocks and minerals, and many other things learned in the past by your child. If you would like your child to prepare for this state test, ask them to study their Science CUES.

Dare Clip

The past week, we did a video clip to thank Officer Mendoza for teaching us Dare ( Drug Abuse Resistance Education ). Ask your child if they were in the video, what they liked about Officer Mendoza, and some topics that they learned during DARE.

Happy Mothers Day!

Ms. Adams' class would like to wish all of the mothers a Happy Mothers Day! Mothers should enjoy the day and be very happy to have a wonderful 5th grade student(s).

Music Performance

Come and see our musical performance. We are playing the violin while other classes are singing gracefully too! We have learned about the composers, and how to read and play the notes of music. We have great music teachers who teach us the greatness of music. Please keep in mind that your child will be playing the volin.

Social Media Masters

We are the people that write this newsletter for you to inform about what your child has done and what they will do. Below, we have some info about our name, our favorite subject, and our favorite thing to do in our free time.

André Lombardi- Hello. My name is André Lombardi. My favorite subject is writing because I love to use my imagination and my favorite thing to do in my free time is also write.

Sydney Deng- My name is Sydney Deng. My favorite subject is writing because I like using my imagination and I want to become a author. I also like to play the piano when I have free time.

Benjamin Balingit- Hello. My name is Ben. My favorite subject is science because I get to do experiments. In my freee time, I like to play video games.

Sienna Hashoul- Hello. My name is Sienna. My favorite subject is reading. I like to read in my free time. Sometimes, I like to draw.

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