Green Screen: That Was Easy.

Green screen projects don’t have to be complicated photo shoots or hours of time. Green screen projects are so versatile--they can be used in any subject area and can be completed in just minutes. The possibilities are endless--have students visible or not, doing filming in real life size or miniature, make a photo or video!

What is Green Screen?

Meteorologist’s Dress Fails With Green Screen
We love to show this video to our students so they understand what we are doing! It's so confusing to kids that they are standing in front of a green piece of fabric yet, it will be a masterpiece!

Green Screen in a Studio

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Pizza Box Green Screen

Green Screen Studio Product

In the Desert

Pizza Box Green Screen Product

Heglar Green Screen Fables

How to Use with Students?

  • Story Retell

  • Weather Reports

  • Readers Theater

  • PSA

  • Mock “Magic School Bus” (Science/Social Studes)

  • Portraits with the Fake and Famous


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