Kyler Smith , Travis Mullis

Brief descripition

Autism is a impaired communication and social interaction.

Signs and symtoms

1. social and interaction difficulties.

2. Repetitive behavior.

3. Communication challenges.

4. seizures and epilepsy.

5. Sleeping problems.


1. Autism cost a family an average of $60,000 a year.

2 Boy are five times more likely to get Autism over girls.

3. There are no medications or cures for it.

4. In 2012 The NIH budget was $30.86 billion while only $169 million directly go to autism research.

Notes and Treatments

1. Autism effects effects 1 in 68 children.

2. The UNC school of medicine.

3. Scientist research autism, but haven't found any way to cure it. They have found how to help kids control their symptoms.