Martina's 321 Introduction

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Hello everybody!

My name is Martina Bednáriková and I come from Slovakia.

What should you know about me?

1. I love writing. I have been writing all my life and if it were profitable enough, I would love to become a freelance writer/journalist.
2. I have one little sister. Her name is Jane. She is 9 years old and she makes my life worth living every single day.
3. I travel a lot. Once a travel bug bit me and now I find it impossible to stop. It is contagious, and I keep meeting really awesome people. I have learned so much from them; they have truly changed my life.
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What would I love to learn from this course?

1. Due to the fact that I am not that proficient as far as modern technology and all the devices are concerned, I would love to get to know (at least some of) them and learn how to use them.
2. I would like to network with the other participants and become a part of our course community. I hope to learn from all of you :-D
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What do my students enjoy?

Being a full-time student, my teaching experience is only limited. I have been teaching part-time since September 2011. My students are mostly adults, but I have tutored some little kids (aged 4 - 10) as well.

I can say that what all of them enjoy are creative activities full of pictures, short video clips or presentations. Another thing that they love (and I do this with beginners) are flashcards. I use them quite often:)

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Thank you all, it is great to be here with you!!!