Daily Highlights

January 10th, 2013

The happs

I've been sleeping a lot and dreaming about my classes not transferring and then not being able to graduate. Also, I checked my UIUC grades and got an S in my internship (highest grade you can get since they implemented the +/- system) so yay me! I am doing laundry, packing, and organizing things that I will be taking to school. Might get a haircut this weekend or wait til this week.

Valentine's Day

You should be making reservations already. I need to know so that I can tell the other girls if I will be there or not so that one of their boyfriends can take my spot. I know what you're thinking ("shut up this doesn't matter") but yes, it is important, because you don't even know these girls and you're already c***blocking from 1,400 miles away and before meeting them. Smooth move...

Lie Witness News - Coachella 2013