People Learning & Asking Y: Digital Age Teacher Exploration


When you were a child, you learned through play. Your language skills, fine and gross motor abilities developed as you drove trucks through dirt pile tunnels or hosted your entire stuffed animal collection to a tea party. Regardless of the type of play you engaged in, you practiced and learned skills that formed the backbone of your daily thought process. You are never too old to play. That is what this day is about.

Choose your mini groups here- VERY important stuff!

Our PLAYDATE is almost here. Your organizers have only a few short days to place you into sessions. Please complete this Google Form by Monday, 4/14 8am*. Please choose classes in which you have a genuine interest; that makes PLAY fun for you and those you work with.

*We don't want to pick your sessions, but there will not be time for you to choose the morning of April 17th if this is not filled out. :(

What can I expect on April 17 ?

You can expect to find:
  • self-directed people enthusiastic to figure out digital applications or Web 2.0 tools.
  • opportunities to look at three different tools for about 50 minutes each.
  • questions to help you focus your play for future impact on your students.
  • staff using their Macs and/or iPads (It's ok if you do not have one).
  • professionals giving themselves permission to not worry about grading papers or emailing for a few hours.

Norms for the session:

  • Attend mini groups that you have a genuine interest in either personally or professionally. Genuine interest=more fun!
  • Open yourself to tinker time. You may not solve all your questions in one sitting but you may figure out the basics. We all have to start somewhere!
  • Work as a group. There is power in numbers.
  • Attend to your personal needs but remember that you help make your mini groups successful.
  • Bring your devices fully charged. We cannot guarantee complete access to plug-ins. No juice=bummer.

Watch this video from the Chicago PLAYDATE!


Thursday, April 17th, 8-11am

Huffines Middle School, Lewisville, TX, United States

Lewisville, TX

PLAYDATE will begin promptly at 8 am to ensure enough playtime. Come to the cafeteria to begin the day. Be sure you sign in and receive your small group ticket before the break out sessions.

Have more questions?

Please contact Ann Crosby at or Jennifer Kirkpatrick at for further information.