They Croaked HOW?!

ludwig Van Beethoven

Who is Beethoven ?


Born in Bonn, Germany. December 17. 1770

Died Vienna, Austria. March 26 1827

He was 56 years old

Composer of many romantic music ( ironic: he was never married, and by age 27 he started going deaf, making him less attracted to the ladies)

Completely deaf by age 45, he had to imagine the music he was playing

Suffered sever stomach problems the last 30 years of his life( constant diarrhea, emesis, gas

In 1827, He caught Pneumonia.. his stomach bloated, his skin turned as yellow as a banana, blood spluttered out his mouth, his stomach filled with rotting fluids.


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So How Did He Croak ?

Mr.Beethoven's journey to his death, started with intense stomach pain which lead to constant diarrhea, emesis ( vomiting ) and gas.

In 1927, he contracted pneumonia.. it gave him yellow skin, blood dripped out of his mouth, he got dropsy ( which is when fluid that is suppose to come out of your body can't ), his stomach bloated and became huge.

His Treatment Back Then:

They tried to drain the liquid by DRILLING a hole into his stomach and stuck a hose into it and then Beethoven watched as 40 cups of grayish, brownish pus like gunk flow out of his stomach. His healing process was not that great, since there were no stitches they had to stuff rags in the opening.

Since Beethoven didn't get better they sought out a different "cure" which was to "sweat" out the fluid, so they had him sit in a bathtub with hot water and covered his face with a towel and had him soak in the water up to his neck ( since they didn't want to mess with his head ), Beethoven ended up sucking the water up like a sponge and became even bigger....he the slipped into unconsciousness and died in March 26, 1827


Technology : there was no plumbing/ toilets, they used Chamber Pots

no photographs, they drew pictures

no Hospitals, a the 1827 didn't know much more than a Dr. in the middle age

Medicine: no pain medication

no stitches (they plugged him up with rags)


How Is The Disease Treated Today?

Pneumonia today is treated by medicine ( antibiotics) depending on the type of germ, ( Dr's would have to run test to determine the type pf stomach problem Beethoven was having.

Types of Stomach Disease:

Stomach Flu

Food Poisoning

IBS ( irritable bowl syndrome )


Fecal Impaction



Beethoven's hearing was most likely lost by the compression of the 8th cranial nerve associated with Paget's Disease of the bone ( which would explain his protruding forehead, large jaw and protruding chin)

Autopsy: says his liver was horrible and cirrhotic ( liver disease ) he used to drink so much alcohol.

Rumor Has It

Beethoven was said to have:

Paget's Disease ( absolute had it )

  • Neurosyphillis
  • Brain Trauma( related to frequent falls and physical abuse by his father )
  • Otosclerosis

All three theories were discounted with an autopsy. all the pain was from liver disease and from Paget's Disease

The creation of a Musician

Sunday, Dec. 16th 1770 at 3:45am

Bonn, Germany

Bonn, NRW

Beethoven is born. son of Johann Van Beethoven, who is a Tenor and Violinist at the Court of the Elector prince of Cologne

A Legend Is Created

Tuesday, May 13th 1783 at 12am

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Vienna

Successfully replaced Neefe at the Court, he publishes a Sonata and 2 pieces of the Bossles Anthology, a fugue and a rondo..

Heard Wrong ?

Wednesday, Sep. 17th 1794 at 6pm

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Vienna

The First symptoms of deafness appears

Tragic Death

Monday, March 26th 1827 at 6:45pm

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Vienna

Beethoven passes away, after he makes his will on Jan. 3rd... end of an amazing composer