Enka High School Latin Program

Welcome to a New School Year at Enka!

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Salvete Omnes Parentes! (Greetings All Parents!)

Welcome to Mrs. Shanholtz' Latin classes. In this first newsletter, I will highlight some important contact information and ways to stay informed about assignments and class events. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns about your student or the class.

The Latin Club aka The Junior Classical League

I do ask that you encourage your child(ren) to join the Latin Club/Junior Classical League. In my experience teaching Latin, the Junior Classical League provides students with not only opportunities to make exceptional academic achievements, but also the opportunity to showcase a plethora of talents. I would like to inform you of some of the many benefits of membership:

  1. Each year in April, Latin students have the opportunity to meet with more than 1000 other Latin students across the state at the Latin convention at UNC Chapel Hill. Here students can participate in Academic tests, Academic Bowl Team (Certamen), Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, and an Olympic Games.
  2. Each year the state takes a week long national convention to a major college and university to meet with 1600 students from across the nation.
  3. JCL gives out many thousands of dollars of scholarships to students who are going to college and have exhibited interest in the classics over their years in high school.
  4. The National Latin Exam and the Medusa National Mythology Exam are paid for by the dues (with options to take the National Etymology and Roman Civilization Exams).
  5. JCL is FUN and gives many different types of students from diverse backgrounds a place in which they can make friends and share common interests.

  6. We host fun social events for students every month throughout the school year.

Tell me About Your Student!

Send me at least one fact about your student that I should know. It could be a fun fact like an interest or extracurricular activity. It could also be a fact that would help me to be a better teacher to your individual student. My email is: cole.shanholtz@bcsemail.org

Contact Information and Office Hours

Extra help and tutoring is available before school from 7:30-8:10am, after school by appointment in advance, and during SmartLunch.

You can visit my blog: www.magistrashanholtz.blogspot.com for class updates and student resources.

Important Websites!

Cambridge Latin Course - www.cambridgescp.com

  • Ask your student to get the username and passwords from me to access this site
  • Site has a web book to access at home, library, or computer lab
  • Site has vocabulary, grammar, and culture games and activities for practice

My Blog - http://magistrashanholtz.blogspot.com/

  • Has Links to all Google Drive documents for each class
  • Has Links to Google Calendars
  • Has directions on how to sign up for Remind
  • Has Links to Latin practice and resources
  • Has class and Latin club announcements

Remind - www.remind.com

  • Latin I: Text 81010 w/ message @enkala
  • Latin II: Text 81010 w/ message @enkalat
  • Latin III Honors: Text 81010 w/ message @enkalati
  • Enka JCL: Text 81010 w/ message @enkajc

Upcoming Assignments

Latin I - Stage 1-2 Test Wednesday 9/9/15

Latin II - Vocabulary Quiz 9/11/15

Latin III Honors - Stage 13 Vocabulary 9/9/15