The American Revolution

Ike Washington Honea

Proclamation of 1763

The colonists were not allowed to move or enter into into the Ohio River Valley,and they moved in British so they would not enter.The reason for this was so the king didn't have to pay for another war against the Indians.

Stamp act of 1765

This was a additional taxes/duties on things such as papered goods
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The Townshend Act of 1770

This act added tax on glass,lead,paints,paper,and tea.

The Boston "Massacre"

After the British soldiers were being taunted by the colonists with snow balls and life threats.The soldiers snapped and opened fire into the crowd of colonists .5 were killed.
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The Tea Act of 1793

This act allowed British east India company to sell tea directly to the colonists. Which made tea a lot more expensive.

Boston Tea party:1773

Colonists dressed up as Indians snuck into the harbor and dumped 340 chests of tea into the Boston harbor

the Intaulerauble acts

This act blocked of the Boston harbor and added troops to each colonists house as a result of the Boston tea party.
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The Lexington and Concord

The British and colonists had the first two revolutionary battles called the Lexington and concord after the two sides boiled over this officially leads to the American revolution
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