Horse Veternarian: job discription

By: Hollie Ricker

How to become a horse veterinarian

Becoming a horse veterinarian first requires a bachelor's degree with coursework in chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, zoology, calculus and statistics. The graduate programs normally take 4 years to complete.
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Salary/ where you can work/ continuing profession

equine veterinarians can make at least 43,000 annually. Veterinarians that are over 50 earn three times as much. Equine vets can go anywhere from an office where the do surgerys or on a farm call. Equine veterinarians in private practice (surgical or referral hospital) can work up to a five to six day week. There are many opportunities when your in the field. New doors open for you that will allow you to Inhance your knowledge about your work. What I find interesting about this carrer is how much you can gain the knowledge of something you love to do and be around. When I see my vet come out and she works with my horse I can just see the passion and love she has for the animals and how much she has learned from just working with them. That is what stands out to me about this career.