Physics B Spring 2016

14 week session

TUESDAY, April 19

Extra Learning Opportunities - Alternate Lab assignments to complete to raise your grade

Extra Learning Opportunities Are Here

Click here to find the list of assignments and instructions

Do NOT submit .jpgs with a handwritten lab. You must type and submit as a document. No exceptions.

THURSDAY, April 14

Due Date Changed to Friday this Week

Due to the website outage, students will be given additional time to complete assignments which are due on Thursday, April 14. If students submit work due this assignment period by midnight (11:59 pm) on April 15, the 10% late policy will be waived. The late policy will be enforced from the original assignment due date for any work submitted after April 15.

Special needs students with extended time on assignments - The Monday 8 am deadline for those special needs students with extended time on assignments will remain as is. if they need additional time to wrap up an assignment beyond Monday 8 am, they will need to communicate that to their teacher before Monday 8 am.

Students with an existing approved extension plan from previous assignment due date– No additional time granted. Assignments should be submitted according to existing plan.

MONDAY, March 28

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MONDAY, March 7

Assignments are due Thursday


MONDAY, February 22

THURSDAY, February 18

Chat session moved to 6PM tonight

Tonight's Chat session will be held one hour earlier at 6 pm. Click here to join. Click on course links to watch the recording later.

TUESDAY, February 16

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MONDAY, February 15

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THURSDAY, February 11

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WEDNESDAY, February 10

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TUESDAY, February 9

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MONDAY, February 8

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MONDAY, February 1

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I am glad to have you in my class this semester.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop for all of your course files.
  2. Please download and print your Syllabus/Schedule and begin working on assignments.
  3. Assignments are due every other Thursday according to the syllabus.

Click here to attend the welcome chat on Wednesday, February 6, at 7:30 PM.

Click here on Thursday, February 7, from 7-8 PM to attend the first of the Weekly Class Sessions to ask course questions or view interactive lecture.

I am looking forward to a great semester!