Past,Present & Future Technology

Past Technology 2006

In 2006 (10 years ago) there were no iPhones, back then it was all about vlogs, mobisodes, and cell phones that can swipe credit cards. There was a device called Edge which would produce WIFI. by 2005 onwards Windows and Microsoft were available. So the most popular phones in 2006 were blackberry, nokia, LG, etc... it was popular because these phones had come out with a camera embedded in the phone itself.

present technology 2016

In 2016 (this year) the variety and quality of technology has expanded now. We have now gotten the sixth generation of iphones (one of the latest smart phones), Samsung, LG, sony, Huawei, etc. We also have WIFI that works as fast as the speed of light. Not only is there WIFI but there is cellular data and data roaming so now you can use the internet without accessing WIFI. The software's for our computers have been improved and now up to dated with the rest of technology.

Future Technology 2016 onwards

In the future there will be more better and improved technology better than what we have in 2016. For computers HP, is planning to make the most thinnest and light weight computer in the world! In phones, Apples upcoming iphone 7 will come with dual lens, clearer screen and much more. Some point in time it will happen, people are trying to make a time machine and a car that runs on sunshine.