Vehicle Ownership Project

By: Nate Boll

Chevrolt Silverado 1500 Regular Cab


Modle-Silverado 1500


Mileage-26 per gallon

Miles driven- 200

Condition- New



Bought- Chevy dealership

Color-black/or white

Car Expenses

60 month loan- coast me 31,285.15 dollars if you include the $1000 down payment and the 5% interest.

I will also have to add in gas, but i will pay for all of this through my job i have now.


My insurance will be 305 a month

Info. From BMV

Cost of LIcense fee-23.00

Coast of plates-11.75

Info on Donors registry- You can send the BMV a email and say you want to be one or call in, or go in and tell them.

Ohio DUI/DWI- Depends on how drunk you are

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5 tips

Know what your getting in too

Have a Job

Have the money for the car

Get a car with out problems

Have insurance