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January 2020 Principal Practice

As the new year begins it's important to take time to remember the WHY! How would you answer the question..."Why are you a school leader?"

Click on the link below for ideas for helping refocus both you and your staff

Instructional Leader Update

Region 6 will be hosting Reading Academy planning workshops. The intent is to review known information and guide leaders through a process to determine the best model for their district. Please see registration links below.

January 27 Face - to - Face Option

January 27 Distance Learning Option

January 29 Distance Learning Option

Region 6 Teaching and Learning Department

Fast Facts for IMPACT

Regarding the proposed amendment to the graduation rate methodology used in the Closing the Gaps domain, will student groups be required to show growth even after meeting the 94.0 percent long-term target?

No, any student group with a graduation rate at or above 94.0 percent would meet the requirement as mentioned in step 1. Steps 2–4 would only apply if the student group did not meet the 94.0 percent long-term target. The following graduation rate flowchart summarizes the proposed graduation rate methodology.

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Other Important Information

TEA: What's New in Performance Reporting?

A–F Accountability

The 2018–19 School Report Cards (SRC) are now available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at http://tea.texas.gov/perfreport/src/index.html. The purpose of the SRC is to inform parents and guardians about a campus’ individual characteristics and academic performance.

Distribution to Campuses. TEA has notified each principal that the SRC for his or her campus is available. It is, however, the district’s responsibility to provide the SRC to each campus for distribution to parents and guardians.

Distribution to Parents. Each campus must send a copy of the SRC to the parent or guardian of each of its students within six weeks of its release. Due to the timing of the release, districts have the flexibility to start the six weeks clock after the holiday break.

Get Inspired

Monthly Checklist Reminders


  • Prepare for March/April testing season: acquire all testing materials. Check in with test coordinator. Conduct in-service training with necessary staff.

  • Budget Review


  • Continue to review lesson plans, give feedback....conduct walkthroughs, more feedback

  • Organize and plan mid-year benchmark, assessments and content based assessments

  • Plan data review meetings to discuss results and make plan for student intervention

  • Review students served through RTI, are they making progress, make necessary adjustments to their interventions

  • End of semester: Report cards, New schedules for students, Student retention monitoring

  • Set specific performance goals with classified and certificated staff based on last round of evaluations.
  • Schedule monthly meetings with admin team, team/department leaders and grade levels.
  • T-TESS...make sure you have evaluations completed or scheduled
  • MORAL BOOSTER: Share your WHY with your staff and then have them refocus and remember their WHY. Let them share with groups or create reminders for themselves that visible.


    • Create monthly calendar for parents
    • Collaborate with PTO for spring parent outreach activities.
    • Encourage classes to do community service projects.

Professional Development Opportunities

Principal Meeting Info

Region 6 Principal Meeting will be combined with our Teaching and Learning Department meeting for INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS..aka..YOU

February 25, 2020

Register at Session ID: 364258

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