By Jack Kinzer

Singapore Facts

Population: 5,674,472

Capital: Singapore

Leader: President Tony Tan

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Languages: Mandarin, English, Malay

GDP Per Capita: $60,900

Sports in Sinapore

Believe it or not there are many popular sports in Singapore. Basketball is one of the most popular sports of Singapore. This sport has won a number of Singaporean Basketball Championships for the country. Also, Body Building is a popular sport in Singapore. Similar to Basketball, there have been a numerous amount of awards won by many body builders. One of the most famous bodybuilders is Adrian Tan. Last, another sport is Sailing. Sailing is the most popular water sport in Singapore. The Singaporean Sailing Team even won a Championship in Thailand.

The most famous Sport player in Singapore is a Zhang Guirong who is a shotputter. She was born in China, (later changed her nationality to Singapore) on February 5, 1978. She is mostly famous for winner many shotputting titles in the Olympics. She has a personal best throw of 18.57 meters. (60.925197 feet)

Zhang Guirong, shot put women finals - SEA Games 2011

Geography in Singapore

Have you ever wanted to visit Singapore? The best time to visit: It is located just north of the equator. Singapore has a tropical climate and stays hot and humid throughout the year. Temperatures average around 88º F during the day. It’s slightly cooler in December and January, and hottest in April and May. Temperatures are unlikely to dip below 74º F at night; the lowest temperature ever recorded was just over 66º F. Singapore receives a considerable amount of rainfall, approximately 2340mm annually. Although there are no wet or dry seasons, the region is affected by two different monsoons. The Northeast Monsoon generally takes place from December to March and is when more rainfall is produced, particularly from November to January.

There are many major landforms in Singapore. The rivers include the Geyleng River, Kallang River, Rocho Sungei Punggol River, Sungei Serangoon River, and the Singapore River. The longest river is the Kallang River being only 10 KM long. There are also two mountain ranges in Singapore. The mountains include Mount Serapong and Mount Bukit Timah Hill, which is the tallest at 164 KM.


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