No Blankers Allowed!

Kick Blankers out of Heathcroft.


Everyone has voted to kick Blankers out of our School.

They should go and attend school where there is lots of Blankers around NOT here at Heathcroft.

We shouldn't be friends with Blankers so people won't think that we are Special.

I believe that Bankers are really dangerous, so stay away from them!

We shouldn't be in the same society because some of our people gets bashed for sitting with BLANKERS.

No Blankers Rally

Friday, Aug. 23rd, 10:30pm

Heath Croft High

DON'T FORGET to bring signs.


10:00 -Everyone should arrive at the rally.

10:30 -Group meeting.

10:45 -Our surprising guest comes and speak to us.

11:00 -Free morning tea.

11:30 -Start activity.

12:30 -Sausage sizzle for lunch.

1:00 -Continue on with more activities.

2:45 - Handing out show bags.

3:00 -The rally ends.