Library Lookout

September 11, 2013

PLEASE return library books EVERY MORNING!

Please remind your student librarians to bring your classroom bin to the library every morning, preferably before 9:10.

Four books per student means a lot more books to check in and we want to be done when classes start arriving.

Passwords, passwords, passwords!!!!

Just like us teachers, students are starting to get inundated with passwords. We've tried to keep everything the same for them as much as possible.

Students are assigned a Google/Canvas username and password by Jennie Rutzen.
K-5 usernames: last name plus first three letters of first name
Example: talbertlis
K-1 passwords: lunch/library number plus 00
Example: 979800
2-5 passwords: four digit "gobbelty-gook" plus graduation year (Please don't tell the students they all have the same four numbers at the end.)
Example: he0t2019

A spreadsheet with all usernames and passwords has been shared with you in Google Drive. Jennie Rutzen updates this list as new students are registered. You may use the extra labels on your sheets to hand-write your new students' usernames and passwords.

When students need a username/password for other programs (ie. Ticket to Read and Typing Web), we try to use the same one. If the username is already taken, we add a 68 in front of the username. Example: 68talbertlis. So far that's worked!

Typing Web

We've had quite a few teachers ask questions about Typing Web. I wanted to share the answers with everyone.

  • Students may either start the lessons in order, or take the typing test. It is your choice.
  • As students finish a lesson, it reports their WPM and accuracy.
  • The PRIMARY GOAL for students is to learn technique.
  • Students should focus on achieving 90% accuracy.
  • Here are other recommendations:
5th - 25 WPM
4th - 20 WPM
3rd - 15 WPM
2nd - Identify/Review home row keys, proper finger positioning
1st - Review special keys and typing with two hands, introduce home row
K - focus on mouse skills and keyboard familiarity and introduce special keys

Remember, Typing Web is set up for students in grades 2-5, but I recommend using it with students in 3rd - 5th grades.

Typing Web too much reading?

For those students who need to start with something more audio/visual, have them start with DanceMat Typing ( It's linked on my blog. I would recommend headphones.

Our current third graders used this last year. Third grade teachers: you might want to start with DanceMat Typing for a little bit then move over to Typing Web when you feel comfortable. DanceMat Typing does not provide any student logins or reports.

Ticket to Read is ready to go!

A HUGE thank you to Karen who updated everyone's username and password (by hand!) to be the same as their Google/Canvas login information. PDFs for each class are in the Shared Drive --> Highland --> Voyager folder. Feel free to start any time!

There were 5 students who could not use their Google/Canvas login because it was already taken. The following students should add 68 in front of their username. Example: 68talbertlis
  • Reid/Foley- student initials JH
  • Newcorn - JG
  • Roter - MG and AM
  • Rowen - SA

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning should also be ready to go. If you have a student who you think should be on Imagine Learning, please contact Andrea Ghetzler.

Imagine Learning was updated over the summer, so a few things have changed.
  • When opening Imagine Learning, you get two choices. Highland ELL=ELL Kindergarten and Imagine Learning = everyone else
  • To end a session early, click ESC, then Stop this session.
  • The new admin password is imaginelearning if you would like to look at reports.


A few teachers have asked me about the I PICK posters in the library. They are attached to this email if you are interested in using the same one for your classroom.