Victoria's Secret Sweatshop

Vicoria's Not So Secret Sweatshop Labor

The name of my company is Victoria's Secret. The sweatshops are located in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The products made in these sweatshops are the clothing for popular lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. The workers in these sweatshops get paid 4 cents for making a bikini top. They get money by how much clothing they make. They work 14-15 hours a day, and they get one day off every 3 to 4 months according to The National Labor Committee. Workers were abused if they weren't productive, and they had to work 5 extra hours without overtime pay. They signed an agreement saying they would stop using sweatshops when there were accusations.
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The Industrial Revolution affected working conditions today because now workers get better pay and less hours to work. Some solutions to sweatshops are to have better working conditions and better pay. I learned that the clothes I've bought from Victoria's Secret could have been made from a sweatshop. As an American consumer, I am now more concerned with how the products I buy are made because my clothes could be less expensive than what I pay for them.

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