First Grade News

February 8th-12th


Day 5 Art

We will have our spelling pre-test for our word chunk -ail. We will practice making words with the "talking/walking" vowel rule. We will have reading groups and centers. We will write friendly letters. Our focus in math today will be making 10 more and 10 less. We will learn about the genre of Fairy Tales. THERE IS A MATH VIDEO FOR HOMEWORK TONIGHT! PLEASE GO TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM!


Day 1 Phy Ed-Music

We will practice making words with the "ail" word chunk. We will have reading groups and centers. We will practice writing asking and telling sentences. Our focus in math will be to practice finding 10 more and ten less on a 120 number chart. We will read a new fairy tale. THERE IS A MATH VIDEO FOR HOMEWORK TONIGHT--PLEASE GO TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM!


Day 2 Phy Ed/Media

We will practice our sight words for the week. We will have reading groups and centers. We will write a friendly letter to our 5th grade buddies. We will have a visit from Lisa for Junior Achievement. Our focus in math will be breaking 10s to show a number sentence. THERE IS NOT A MATH VIDEO FOR HOMEWORK TONIGHT!


Day 3-Phy Ed/Music

We will play spelling sparkle to practice our spelling words. We will have reading groups and centers. Our focus in math will be to learn a new math game to add a ten to a number. We will read a new Fairy Tale. We will make a Valentine's Day Bag for our Valentines. THERE IS NOT A MATH VIDEO FOR HOMEWORK TONIGHT.


Day 4-Media Check Out/Phy Ed

We will have our Week 18 spelling test today. We will have Valentine's Day centers. We will exchange Valentines with our friends today to celebrate Valentine's Day. We will do Valentine's Day math. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! THERE IS NOT A MATH VIDEO TONIGHT!

Parent Notes


This IS the math lesson for each day when assigned. I do provide time in the morning for those who forget, but it is much better for your child if they have watched the video and completed their practice at home prior to coming to school. Thanks for your help!

We will exchange Valentines on Friday, February 12th since Valentine's Day is on Sunday. I will send a class list by email.

The school carnival is coming in February. Our class will be creating a Class Basket for the carnival. Our theme will be "Minions Basket". FUN! THANKS TO JENNY BRITTEN For volunteering to coordinate our basket. THIS IS THE FINAL WEEK TO DONATE TO THE BASKET!

If you are interested in helping make this basket amazing, please send in an item(s) to add to it, or if you'd rather send money, that works too (your classroom coordinator will use the cash to add to the basket). All donations must be turned in to your classroom by Friday, February 12th, to give enough time to shop and create the basket. Also, if you send in an item(s), please include the gift receipt(s) and the value of each item.

* Here are just a few ideas of items that would make this basket fantastic:

Minions DVDs, books, toys, T-shirts, etc.

Thanks so much for your help! We can't wait to see this basket!

Please us the link below to sign up for conferences. There is one slot available per family, so please sign up early to get your preferred time slot. Let me know if you have problems or questions.

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Sign up for conferences quickly. There is only one slot available per family!

Stylus at Target Example

This is an EXAMPLE of an iPad stylus. You do not need to get THIS one, but it IS available at Target.

Spelling Test

Week 18 - ail
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