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Holiday Edition 2018

Focus On: How to have a safe pet holiday

It's the most wonderful time of the year but holiday celebrations can present new hazards for our pets. Below you will find some information about common foods, plants, and additional dangers that we find in abundance during the holiday season.

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The Kitty Corner: Benefits of Regular Vet Visits

Most cats do not enjoy coming to the vet and (as most cat owners know) if kitty isn't happy, no one is happy. Unfortunately, this is why many cats do not receive annual wellness visits. These visits are vital to give your cat a long and healthy life. Here are some reasons why regular check ups are so important for cats:

1. Cats age more rapidly than humans - a cat reaches an approximate human age of 15 just in its first year of life. When a cat turns 2 they are approximately 24 in human years! Cats age approximately 4 "cat years" every calendar year thereafter. For example, an 8 year old cat is about 48 in human years. A lot can happen in 4 "cat years", which is why annual exams are important.

2. Cats are masters at hiding disease - a cat is naturally a predator AND a prey species so they have a natural tendency to conceal illness. This means your cat could be developing a health condition long before you notice anything is wrong. Veterinarians are trained to spot abnormalities so they can be detected before they become more difficult to treat.

3. Over 50% of cats are overweight - veterinarians will check your cat's weight at every visit and can provide nutritional recommendations to help keep your kitty at an ideal weight. Being overweight increases a cat's risk of heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease.

4. Adult cats have 30 teeth - this equates to a lot of dental care! Periodontal disease is the most prevalent disease in cats 3 years of age and older but often there are no overt signs. Most cats with dental disease will not have a noticeable change in their appetite. Veterinarians will examine your cats teeth at all routine visits and make recommendations for dental care based on their findings.

Many owners believe that getting their cat into the carrier is one of the most stressful parts of the trip. Below are some tips to help make your carrier more appealing for your cat. If we can make this first step toward a veterinary visit less stressful, it will make the entire trip easier.

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Holiday Schedule Changes

With the upcoming holidays we have a few changes to our regular hours. If we are closed and you need immediate assistance with your pet please call one of the emergency hospitals in the area. Here is a list of dates that we are either closed or have different hours:

November 22-24: CLOSED

Wednesday, November 28: Closing early at 4:30 pm

Saturday December 22: CLOSED

December 24-25: CLOSED

Saturday December 29: CLOSED

December 31 & January 1: CLOSED

Everyone at Washtenaw Veterinary Hospital wishes you a very happy holiday season!

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