By Payton carroll


The Capital of Guyana is Georgetown. Some other major cities of Guyana are new Amsterdam, lethem linden, and Bartica.


Guyana is in the north of South America between the countries Venezuela and Suriname.

Some of Guyana's cool physical features are mt. Roraima, the Essequibo river, and the mazaruni river.


Guyana was once controlled by the British but it gained independence in 1966 and has remained independent since. It's official language is English


The type of government in Guyana is a republic. Their leader is Donald Ramota. Guyana currently has only one conflict that is with Venezuela about the waters boundary line.

Economic information

The currency of Guyana is the Guyanese dollar, their economic system is capitalism . Guyana usally imports manufactures,machinery, and food, they get these imports from Trinidad and tobago, China, Cuba, and Suriname. Guyana exports sugar,rice , shrimp, timber, and bauxite. They export their goods to the u.s, the u.k, and Canada.

Tourist information

There are great geographical features that are beutiful. Tourists should visit the mountain Roraima.

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