The 4 C's Super Skills

By: Natalie Watson

The 4 C's Super skills

The 4 C's help you understand how to work better with partners. The 4 C's are as follows Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. How do we use the 4 you might ask. Well I am going to tell you all about that.


The first Super Skill we will learn about is Communication. Communication in this case means. Sharing your thoughts, and that means tell others what you are thinking because it's probably a good idea. It also means asking questions because if you don't understand and you don't ask questions you will never know. The next meaning is sharing your ideas, maybe your group doesn't know what to do and you have an idea that you think will blow their minds tell them or you won't get to share your idea or see how it turns out.


Collaboration is the second C. It has more than one meaning and I am here to tell them all. The first one is working together, if your group is working and your just watching tell them you need to be apart of it to. The next one is, putting your talents, abilities, and smarts together to work.This meaning working together or using your strength to get things done.


You can be creative in so many ways this is one.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the 3rd Critical Thinking has more than one meaning. Ready? The first meaning is looking at problems in a new way this is self explanatory but I will tell you what it means, it means there is always a different way to solve a problem. The next meaning is linking old ideas with new ones to develop new learning, so this means to give new ideas and put them with old ones to learn something new. This is what Critical Thinking.


Last but not least the 4th C is Creativity This means one thing , Trying new ways to get things done, This means innovation and invention. That was the last one. HOPE YOU LEARNED A LOT, AND THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!