Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

The theme, we must show courage when faced with obstacles, is shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne shows courage when her family goes into hiding. In her diary, she says, "It is the silence in the nights that frightens me the most" (381). This shows courage because although Anne is scared, she continues on. Another example of courage is Mr. Kraler and Miep helping the families in the annex. Anne writes, "if the nazis found out they were hiding us...they would suffer the same fate the we would" (381). Kraler and Miep show courage because they do not have to help and be in harm's way, but they do because it is the right thing to do. The final example of courage in the diary of Anne Frank is when they are found by the green police. The play reads, "She is no longer a child, but a women with courage to meet whatever lies ahead" (433). This shows that Anne has courage to face what comes next. These are examples of how we need courage when faced with obstacles.

The theme must show perseverance when faced with obstacles, is shown throughout the diary of Anne Frank. They find a way to get food. Meap helps the Jews hid and survive also they brought another person (374). One example of the theme of perseverance is when everyone hiding in the annex had to be perfectly quiet.in the play Mr. Frank says " To be perfectly safe, from eight in the morning until six in the evening we must move only when it is necessary, and speak above a whisper"(375-376). They had to be quiet because the workers down stairs would hear them. They went into hiding for a while. "We have been here now for one year, five months, and twenty five days (411). The show perseverance because they have hid for so long.these are examples of perseverance.

The person I have picked is Mr. Van Dan. Bread represents Mr. Van Dan. One example is that Mr. Van Dan is always hungry. When Mr. Dussel comes Mr. Van Dan says " there's so little food as it is.... and to take another person"(390). Another example bread represents Mr. Van Dan is when he gets up in the middle of the night and starts to eat the bread(425). The final example that bread represents Mr. Van Dan is when he says "I'm hungry"(425). These examples represent Mr. Van Dan as being bread.


Mr. Van Dann was born on March 18, 1898. Mr. Van Dann was born in Gehrde, Germany. He went into hiding with the Frank family. Mr. Van Dann died on October 6, 1944. Mr. Van Dann died in Auschwitz concentration camp.


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