Endangered animals of Asia

Giant panda


  • Height is 2.5 ft (when on all fours)
  • Weight is 250 lbs
  • Only bear that has different colors
  • Communication is by making about 11 different sounds or by scent

Critical Information:

  • People made large areas for several pandas to roam with breeding centers
  • Pandas eat bamboo, and its not nutritious so they have to eat a lot
  • The panda is known as endangered and many people love them

Food chain:

  • Their food is bamboo, fish, and rodents
  • In the mountains there are bamboo forests
  • Omnivore
  • Prey - Red foxes, Dholes, Wild dogs, and Leopards


  • Location - China
  • Terrain - mountain ranges
  • Climate - cool or cold
  • Home- dens near dense areas of bamboo


  • Walks on fours, stays in cool bamboo forests, and don't hibernate
  • Powerful jaws to chew bamboo
  • Live alone and eat while sitting upright

National Zoo Giant Panda Shows Cub to Panda Cam Viewers