Gerald Rudolph "Jerry" Ford Jr.

Republican Party

Basic Info:

  • Republican Party
  • 38th President
  • Serving in office from 1974-1977
  • Nelson Rockefeller as VP (no VP for Ford's first 5 months in office)
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Five Ford Fun Facts:

  1. Gerald Ford was born Leslie Lynch King Jr.
  2. Ford played center and linebacker for the University of Michigan and was nominated MVP.
  3. Ford joined the U.S. Naval Reserve, was sent to the USS Monterey, and after service was awarded the Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal and Lone Sailor Award.
  4. Gerald married Elizabeth Bloomer Warren in 1948 and had 4 children: Michael Gerald, John Gardner, Steven Meigs, and Susan Elizabeth.
  5. Gerald Rudolph Ford was the first and only Eagle Scout to become President


  • Ford served as VP from 1973-1974 before becoming President.
  • Ford turned down Detroit Lion and Green Bay Packer contracts to study law at Michigan University at which he earned his L.L.B. degree and graduated in the top 25% of his class.
  • Although it may not be a necessity or qualification, Ford served in the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1942-1946.

Ford Presidency Facts:

  • Ford was the only person to assume the presidency without having been previously voted into either the presidential or vice presidential office.
  • On September 8, 1974, Ford issued Proclamation 4311, that gave Nixon a full pardon for any crimes he committed against the U.S. while President.
  • Ford introduced a conditional amnesty program for Vietnam War draft dodgers who had fled to different countries.
  • Ford appointed William Coleman as Secretary of Transportation, the second black man to serve in a presidential cabinet and the first appointed in a Republican administration.
  • Ford went before the American public in October 1974 and said "Whip Inflation Now". He urged people to wear "WIN" buttons as a response to rising inflation.
  • Ford signed the Helsinki Accords, marking a move toward détente in the Cold War and officially ended US involvement in the Vietnam War after North Vietnam conquered South Vietnam.