Softball Tournament November 3rd

2013 by Meredith Amrhein

Texas Riot 1st Game of The Silver Bracket

On November 3rd 2013 a softball tournament occurred in Mckinney Texas. Texas Riot ,select fast pitch team out of Mckinney, started off not so good, they lost all pool games up until brackets. Brackets were posted and they were put in the silver bracket. Ready to play, Texas Riot rested up in the grass as a team and tried to focus and become closer with all of the girls for it being their first tournament together as a team.

3:00 rolled around and they were well rested forgetting about the past games that didn't go to great. Texas Riot warmed up and were ready to play strong, The first pitch was made to the visitors team the mustangs who were one of the best teams in the silver bracket. they traveled all the way from Minnesota to play the tournament, they were some real bat busters. First pitch was a home run down the middle. Texas riot knew this would be a tough game. Pitch after pitch girls got on base, finally Texas riot pitcher Mary got a strike out and it pumped up the field. Texas Riot then got 2 More outs in a row the score was 3-0 when it was their turn to bat. First batter of the line up Shelby, she bunted to make sure she got on base using her wheels. Next came Natalie a usual home run hitter did her job and hit one to the left field fence bringing both her and shelby in score was now 2-3 when Hannah came up and hit a hard ground ball that scared the short stop, she missed it and Hannah got to second. Mew was next, 2 balls 1 strike and the next pitch came and hit the batter in the back. The hard pitch knocked the batter off her feet when the 2 coaches came in to check if she was okay, Sereita, the head 14U coach walked her down to first and told her she was going to be okay if she breathed through her mouth and to take it easy. Sereita offered to bring in a sub for her to be sure she was okay but Mew chose to run instead, the next batter hit a triple brining in both Hannah and Mew leaving Cheyenne at third. Alyssa was up next and she squared up for a bunt to make sure Cheyenne got home for the point to end the inning. SUCCESS! Cheyenne made it home and the new score was 3-5. End of the first inning, Texas Riots best inning of the tournament with several successful hits and bunts 5 runs with no outs now they just needed to shut them down in the second inning.

Texas Riot rocked the field the rest of the game and won the game 12-6! Texas Riot took second pace in the bracket about to play the next game to compete for first place!

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