What I Have Learned

The Comprehensive Unit of Digital Ethics and Safety


To another fellow Teen,

In this unit I have learned many new things about the internet and how things work there. We talked about cyber bullying first, then we moved onto online safety tips and things that you should avoid while on the internet. Finally we went to digital footprints and where they began.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is one of the modern worlds biggest problems. Cyber bullying is an online form of bullying were the victim is mentally hurt by what the bully says. An example of cyber bullying would be someone making fun of someone on a website, or giving mean threats that could cause harm. So if you see anything related to cyber bullying you should report it to a trustful adult like a parent or teacher.

Online saftey Tips

There are many things that can harm your computer, so here are a couple tips and tricks on how to avoid things on the internet. First you should use netiquette which is the right or correct way of speaking online. Next you should avoid all capital when typing in the middle of a sentence, because that indicates that you are screaming or shouting. Another example would be to not give away personal information like where you live (street ,house number, city, area code,) , your passwords, your bank account, and your social security number. Lastly you should avoid anybody who ask you LMIRL which means Lets Meet In Real Life. Those are some safety tips and tricks that you should consider while on the internet.

Digital Footprints

Digital Footprints are the things left behind or the trace of things on the internet. If you have a Facebook, Instagtram, or Twitter then you probably have a digital footprint. It all depends on how much you use them, so if you use them a lot then you can be tracked easier. If you are a big blogger then somebody could look you up. You may think "why did I need to know this, they can't find anything about me" but I assure you people can find a lot about you on the internet, so be careful with the things you post online.


So as you can see, this is some the things I have learned in The Comprehensive Unit of Digital Ethics and Safety. I told you about cyber bullying, online safety tips, and digital footprints. I hope you think of this the next time your on Facebook or twitter.
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