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For all those dedicated Xbox lovers and fans, we have a new surprise for you we know you won't be able to resist!. The Xbox One! This console is the Milestone of entering the next-generation of gaming, that we, as gamers have been waiting to reach for centuries!. From the first original handheld gaming device, the 'Gameboy' created by Sega, to...that's right! Xbox one!. Technology's effectiveness and benefits have come a long way since then and we, Microsoft, As a Gaming and Distributing company, have learned to use our technological advances properly and Cunningly in which we have invented a new great and superior technological gaming wonder! Which is why we refer to the Xbox One as the Next generation!. You're probably wondering "Ok...Now that I know enough ABOUT the Xbox One...Why would I want to BUY it?...It's just a machine", Now that we've read your mind, let us tell you with confidence as to why you SHOULD and MUST buy the Xbox One!

we know you're we'll discuss that first! ,The games!...You've all seen Xbox games when you walk past EB Games or through any Appliance's store, you see; Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Plant's vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and many more we have proudly and happily published!, they are all evaluated for quality And Wether it's worth the buy, for we want to GIVE you a reason TO buy our products!, In this case the Xbox One, The games made specially JUST for the console are filled with effort and challenges! But don't worry!...we'll have a lot more to offer with the Xbox one!, more than you can imagine!, more than you thought were possible! The games will really immerse you INTO the game, It will feel like a real-life experience!, you will stumble and fall at certain points in the games but you will rise again!, and when you beat the normal difficulty...You will want a second Rodeo!

Finally, The Xbox One is far more advanced than you thought!...Compared to our past consoles, the Xbox One allows you to snap and play!, Initially, you'd be thinking "Snap and Play?....umm...That's new?". Snap and Play allows players to solve the situation we are about to explain. Imagine you're playing a game!, you get a message from a fellow friend, you don't want to lose your progress in that certain game and you are in a situation where you can't save, Snap and Play let's you pause the game and Multitask!, by pressing the home button twice, that opens up the snap directory where you may pick what app you want to snap like Achievement's, Friends, Messages and more!, open up the messages app, while still on the same screen, and you are able to respond to your friend while staying on the pause screen of your current game! and while you have an app currently snapped, pressing the home button twice switches from your current game screen and/or video screen and to the app you have snapped basically switching.

There are many more features we'd like to discuss and here they are! Enjoy!.

There's Kinect! from Xbox 360 to Xbox one now you can take advantage of more possibilities as well as what you could do when we first released Kinect! Want to put the Kinect that comes with the Xbox One to good use? There are several ways to do that. From now until the end of the year, Microsoft has several free fitness programs to take advantage of through the Xbox Fitness app. It'll help you get in shape! Look for it under Bing search, or in the Apps section of the store.

The Kinect does more than read motion gestures – it also understands voice commands. You can use voice commands like "Xbox on" or "Xbox turn off" to control the power of your system, as well as activate Xbox Snap (more on that in a second), invite friends, go to the home menu or perform a Bing search. You may need to go to the settings menu and tinker with Kinect options first, but once activated, it's a cinch to use. The Kinect device can be your best friend when it comes to recording game clips and sharing them with others. You can use the Upload app to capture gameplay clips (up to the last five minutes), then edit them however you please and upload them through the newly added YouTube app. It does take a few minutes to upload, but once the videos are online, you'll have a library of accomplishments for everyone to see. Secondly, The Smart Glass program, which works for several games on Xbox 360, makes a triumphant return on Xbox One. You'll need to download the devoted app first, but it's free and simple to use. From there, you can interact with a number of games as well as movies, including Pacific Rim. Just activate the program in your browser, start up your game or flick, and you're good to go!.

Like PlayStation 4, the Xbox One is capable of live streaming through Twitch. It takes a moment to set up the Twitch settings on your system, but once you do, you can live stream sessions and chat with others through a side menu, all while broadcasting yourself using the Kinect's camera. Note: you might want to put on some pants. You can customize the home menu however you please. When you first go into your games menu, you'll see several different icons. Press the Home button and you'll pull up a side menu with options. Select "Pin to home," and it'll automatically get sorted to your home page. There are many more features to brag about but WE want YOU to DISCOVER them! so we are going to leave it unto our Xbox fans and lovers to reach the full experience of our new creation's potential!The first selling price will be $500 for pre-orders,normal buy will be placed at $399. So stay tuned for the release of the most advanced technological wonder! The Xbox One!

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Below are 3 Xbox One games that have been released for your convenience!...I know what you're the games....Sicko!...just kidding!, stop staring and take action!

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Xbox was made for gamers...BY get more gamers to join! and to show how fun and advanced gaming has become over the centuries of developing ideas to actually releasing the products!,Microsoft,One of many gaming and distributing company's, have listened to your suggestions on our new,quality consoles that are soon to released,one by one,for recognition and fun!

We are Xbox!, and we are dedicated to making life fun and enjoyable with a slight hint of advanced technology and...Masterpiece!...if you are reading this right now and are not in the shops looking for one of our prestigious Xbox One's, you are not worthy of owning one!...Just kidding!...but no...seriously...Get one now!!!.