Shakespeare comparison Viola

English 2

Violas Identity

In the text by twelfth night viola believes she is a good women and that she has passion love for duke Orsino. And viola is a young women that loves duke Orsino and that she disguise just for the love she has for duke. Therefore viola is a character whos love may seem the purest. She pined in thought,

"And with a green and yellow melancholy

She sat like patience on a monument,

Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed"


In this quote it shows how viola told duke orsino how she likes him and the love she has for him.

Violas Gender

In twelfth night Violas gender is described as a lovely passionate women that she is a protagonist and that she likes to disguise into a young man to get what she wants. Therefore viola experiences her gender as a boy that likes duke orsino and called herself as cesario. Therefore in twelfth night she is forced to act like a boy and like cesario and she is forced to be in the arguments. Therefore some benefits she gets is being in love with duke and able to be with duke orsino.


In twelfth night other characters see viola as a helpful and a nice lovely lady. In the other hand viola seems to think she is a lovely person that cares about people and is all about love. Therefore she is, first of all, a very practical and resourceful person. As a shipwrecked orphan who has no one to protect her, she must resort to some means whereby her safety is assured. She knows that a single woman unattended in a foreign land would be in an extremely dangerous position. Therefore they both think similar because she is a very practical young lovely women. "O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou

That, notwithstanding thy capacity

Receiveth as the sea, naught enters there,

Of what validity and pitch so e’er,

But falls into abatement and low price

Even in a minute! So full of shapes is fancy

That it alone is high fantastical."


This quote explains in act 1 scene 1 how both duke and viola have similarities that both are in love.


Some similarities that me and viola/cesario have in common is that im a lovely person as her olivia. In addition to that that we do what we can to keep fighting to get what we what which in this case for olivia is duke orsino. Therefore those are the only differences that me and olivia have in common.


Differences that me and oliva have is that i dont beg for what i want like how she does. Then another difference is that i would not disguise my self to get what i want. And lastly i dont make problems in the story like she does lying to everybody disguising herself as a young men cesario when in reality she is viola.

Shes the man the movie

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Violas identity

In shes the man violas way of thinking is she is a good soccer player and deserves to be on the soccer team of Cornwall. Therefore she think she is a good women that wants to play in the soccer team but she is a boy named Sebastian which in this case is his brother that left to London. Since she cant play in Cornwall she decides to dress as his brother as she tells him "just go ill cover you" therefore thats when she goes to illeyria to try out as Sebastian as a boy.

Violas Gender

In shes the man viola is a girl that her passion is soccer. Thats why she played soccer for corn wall but since they did not accept her luckily she had a brother by the name of Sebastian therefore thats when she decided to disguise herself as his brother. Therefore in illerya she had some limitation and expectations. Some limitations viola had was that she couldn't shower in the boys locker room because she is a girl and another thing she had to had a good voice and lastly act like a man and she had to keep changing so her mother wouldn't noticed anything. So thats how viola is supposed to be forced to act like. For example when "she did not shower because principal called her to present himself to her"

Violas Perception

In shes the man other characters in this movie view viola as attractive. Therefore in shes the man i see viola as a girl that is just fighting for what she wants. No is similar because i feel like she does not care the only thing viola is doing is shes trying to get what she wants and play in the soccer team. Thats why in the movie when "she was in the festival parade she kept disguising herself as Olivia and his brother Sebastian". Therefore some view viola as a girl and some view viola as attractive in she's the man.

similarities of viola

As viola disguising herself to get what she wants is brave but at the same time not smart. Therefore i believe i dont have any similarities with her due to the fact that i wouldn't do that to them mostly duke orsino.

Differences of Viola

Some differences that me and viola have is that shes brave to do that and i wouldn't be able to do that. Another difference is that i wouldn't be able to keep changing herself as different characters. Therefore me and viola have those differences and were not the same.