Friday Focus-Admin Style

November 15, 2013

Quote for the Week

"Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." John Wooden

Looking Forward-Things You Need to Know

11/18 & 11/19 STEM Training for many of our Adminstrators

11/18 & 11/19 Welcome to Bill Banning who will be bringing a team of his Administrators from Goleta to learn more about TK and Mobile Technology

11/18 Grades TK-2 Cohort #1 Evening Training

11/19 Grades TK-2 Cohort #2 Evening Training

11/20 Board Topics and Board Updates due

11/22 Ed Coalition Meeting

11-25 Thanksgiving Break-I am Thankful that I work with such amazing administrators!

EduAwesome Drops in Our Bucket...

• Yeah for Solana Highlands and Admin Walkthrough Team #3-We had a wonderful time last Friday seeing all of the effective ways that teachers are using technology, teaching to the objective and actively engaging students! Thank you Jerry (and Matt) for creating such a calm and wonderful learning environment for our students!

• Admin Walkthrough Team #1 was back at it this week visiting Skyline. Thank you Lisa Denham and her staff for being so welcoming! Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but I heard that it was amazing to see so many of our upper grade teachers already making the Shifts in Mathematics with fairly limited training! Our teachers are so driven!

• Admin Walkthrough Team #2 had a wonderful time visiting Solana Santa Fe this week. I was not able to attend this walkthrough, as I was hosting the DreamBox Training that day. I am told that the team saw many examples of technology being used in very transformative ways. Thank you Stephan for having the team!

•Admin Walkthrough Team #3 finished up our visits this week at Solana Pacific. Thank you Elisa and the staff for sharing your wonderful school! The collaboration between teachers was so evident across the school-whether it be in the area of Math Instruction or use of iPads!

•Kudos to ALL of the teachers and administrators who attended the DreamBox Training this week! Everyone was so engaged and so excited about going back to the sites and sharing the program with their colleagues!

•Our Principals ROCK!! Great Strategic Plan presentations at the Board Meeting! I was so proud to hear about the wonderful things that are happening in our district-I hope you all know how important your leadership is as we implement these plans!

Blogs, Tweets and Pins-Our Very Own PLN

Final Thoughts to Ponder...

"Want to be successful? Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing." Will Rogers

Based on this definition...I would be willing to bet that we have lots of successful people in Solana Beach School District!