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A Peek at the Week

Our Focus: The students will be using their senses to observe and describe properties of specific objects

Weekly Skills: This weeks focus will be on K, F, B, G and C. Please ask your child about each friend and their gesture each night. I will be sending home a handwriting book as well as the Phonics Song sheet in a protective cover. Please make sure your child reviews the Phonics Song daily and practices writing the letter of the day!

Math: The students continue to work on building strong number sense skills 0-10. We are also developing strong motor skills through cutting, gluing and directional drawing skills. Shapes have become a focus as well.

Help at Home

  • Identifying letters in your child's name if they have not previous experience
  • Identify letters of the alphabet (A-Z and a-z). In the past couple of weeks, we have covered P, U, M, O, X, A, T, S, R, D, H, and J. I encourage your child to practice these pages in the handwriting book I am sending home
  • Write his/her name using a capitol letter at the beginning and lower case throughout the rest of the name
  • Practice counting on from any given number (example - have your child begin counting at 12 and continue to count to 34)
  • Practice tying his/her shoes
  • Practice Phonics Song with Letter chart

Letter of the Day

Monday - K

Tuesday - F

Wednesday - B

Thursday - G

Friday - C


Monday - Art

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - PE

Thursday - Art

Friday - Music

Snack Week

Monday - Jordan

Tuesday - Triston

Wednesday - Zane

Thursday - Darian

Friday - Carly

Important Dates

9.24 - Fall Pictures

10.6/7 - Healthy Kids Screening

10.8 - Breakfast Picnic with your Person

10.12 - No School - Professional Development

10.20 - McTeacher Night

10.23 - Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

10.28/29 - Parent Teacher Conferences

10.30 - No School

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Have a great week! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Redfern :)


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