Eagles Report - October 2020

Honor - Integrity – Pursuit of Excellence


Greetings to our entire Eagle community-

Our school year kicked off on Sept 2nd and it has been a good start to the year. It has been extremely different start from any other year to say the least, but a good one none the less. A special thank you to the planning of our office staff and custodial staff for their efforts during the planning stages last spring and this past summer. Our student services office has done a wonderful job with the many new students who arrived for registration during the first few weeks of school.

Our building is currently serving 1,328 students in grades 9-12 with around 112 of those choosing the Virtual Academy.

Our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences will obviously look quite a bit different, yet we are still committed to partnering with parents to ensure the success of their child in school. On Wednesday September 30th, I sent out a video describing the details of those conferences. Please take the time to watch that video to ensure we are all on the same page to what those will look like. The Conferences will be virtual via ZOOM platform or teachers and parents can converse via Conference Call. Again, all those details are in that video describing how parents can register for a conference. Those conferences are Wednesday October 7th and Monday October 12th. Conferences will be from 4:30 – 8pm on both nights.

We are also looking forward to the Fargo Public Schools COVID-19 Instructional Planning Committee’s decision when they meet on October 5th. At that time, the committee will make a decision as to what the future of our Secondary Schools and what instructional model we will be implementing. At that time, they will either decide to move our 6-12 grades back into LEVEL 3 (Hybrid Learning) or remain at LEVEL 2 (Distance Learning).

As always, we would love to answer any questions that you may have or assist you in any way. There is no arguing that the relationship a school has with the parents/guardians of the students we serve is directly correlated to the success of that specific student.

Together we will create a strong foundation one student at a time.

Troy A. Cody




Office Number................................................. 446-5600

Troy Cody, Principal........................................ 446-5604

Dr. Dale Miller, Asst. Principal (A-J)................446-5607

Sean Safranski, Asst. Principal (K-Z)..............446-5606

Lenny Ohlhauser, Activities Coordinator........ 446-5608

Debbie Clapp, Admin. Assistant..................... 446-5605

Cathy Pauly, Activities Secretary.................... 446-5609

Lana Steffen, Bookkeeper............................... 446-5619


Joshua Andres, Counselor (A-C).................... 446-5612

Jennifer Toso-Kenna, Counselor (D-Ha)......... 446-5614

Beth Weiler, Counselor (He-L)…...................... 446-5626

Sarah Nereson (M -Sa)....................................446-5613

Anita Mahnke Counselor (Sc-Z)..................... 446-5615

Dona Sabby, Registrar..................................... 446-5616

Kathryn Query, Registrar...................................446-5617

Sylvia Gonzalez, Career Center...................... 446-5625


Kim Martin (A-J)............................................. 446-5611

Tabitha Janke(K-Z).......................................... 446-5610


Address changes, like registration, can now be done ON-LINE. You will see the same format you used for registration in previous years by going into PowerSchool to access the forms, just follow the tutorial.

You may change your address, telephone number, pay your student’s fees or update contact information etc. all ON-LINE.


We all have learned in a very short time how to adjust to what needs to be done at a drop of a hat. The Nutrition Service department is no different. In the past school years, we have served breakfast and lunch right from the kitchen. The start of this year looked very different, we served the students from the kitchen, packaged meals for pick up for the Virtual Academy students along with packaging meals for our Group 1 and Group 2 students to take with them on Tuesday/Wednesday or Fridays. With our hybrid students going to distant learning, starting October 5th we will transition to all packaged meals with the following pick up days and location-

Group 1 and 2 Hybrid Students going to distance learning will pick up Tuesday and Fridays from 11:45-12:45 from the Concession Stand by Gate 2 in the East Student Parking Lot.

Virtual Academy students will still pick up on Wednesday’s, 11:45-12:45 from the Concession Stand by Gate 2 in the East Student Parking Lot.

If you have any questions or need to arrange a pickup time outside of 11:45-12:45 please call me at 701-446-5630. We are here to help in any way we can and appreciate your support.

Shannon Nowak

Nutrition Service Manager


  • October 5th - 19th On-line classes for Middle and High School begin
  • October 7 P/T Conferences via on-line Zoom
  • October 12 P/T Conferences via on-line Zoom



Covid-19 vs Seasonal Allergies: CDC August 12, 2020:

COVID-19 and seasonal allergies share many symptoms, but there are some key differences between the two. For example, COVID-19 can cause fever, which is not a common symptom of seasonal allergies. The image below compares symptoms caused by allergies and COVID-19.

Because some of the symptoms of COVID-19 and seasonal allergies are similar, it may be difficult to tell the difference between them, and you may need to get a test to confirm your diagnosis.

This is not a complete list of all possible symptoms of COVID-19 or seasonal allergies. Symptoms vary from person to person and range from mild to severe. You can have symptoms of both COVID-19 and seasonal allergies at the same time.

Big picture

*Seasonal allergies do not usually cause shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, unless a person has a respiratory condition such as asthma that can be triggered by exposure to pollen.


The school nurse will be available daily from 8:45 am -2:30 pm to provide essential health related services such as assessing health problems, interventions with health concerns, assisting in emergency care plans for identified students, reviewing students’ immunizations, dispensing medications, assisting in health-related programs in schools, and providing advice on health-related issues.

Any medication the student may require during school hours needs to have a consent form signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian on file with the school nurse. The forms allowing the school nurse to give you student OTC (over the counter) medications are on-line. Simply identity any or all the OTC choices (Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Tums) and initial the box indicating consent. The school will provide a limited supply of these 3 OTC medications. If your student requires more than 5 doses of the OTC medications during that school year, we ask the student to bring their own supply to keep in the nurse’s office (FORM AF6720A). Any other type of OTC medication such as cough medicine, allergy or cold/flu medicine also can be administered in school as long as the parent/guardian has sent a statement of use with signed consent, a supply of the medication in the original package, and understanding that the medication will only be administered as directed on the label.

If your student needs medication prescribed by a doctor, then the school nurse must have a copy of Form AF6720C completed. This form must be completed by both the physician and the parent prior to administration of the medication at school. In order to dispense ANY prescription medications by the school nurse or associated staff the following must be in place prior to administering said medication:

  • Student’s name on the bottle
  • Specific time of administration
  • Dosage
  • Physician’s name
  • Medication container and label must match the physician’s order. Ask your pharmacist to give you a secondary school bottle so a supply can be kept both at home and at school in the proper container.
  • No more than a month’s supply should be brought to the school
  • Parent/Guardians are responsible to replenish medicine as needed
  • Unused portions of medications must be picked up at the end of the school year or when the medication is no longer needed. If medication supply is left at school, then the school nurse will destroy said supply according to policy.
  • ANY changes in medication will require a new form (AF6720C) completed with the current changes identified. A new prescription bottle will be required within 30 days of said change.
  • Please have your pharmacist split the medication if the dosage is required to have the medication split in half or quartered.

The medication policy as well as any needed forms can be found on the Fargo Public School website under the tab for Parents. Parents may substitute the AF6720 form with a copy of the prescription written by the physician along with written permission to administer said medication by the parent/guardian. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school nurse at 446-5621.


Some of the Davies Teachers are grading using Evidence Based Reporting. You can read about Evidence Based Reporting at the website: https://bit.ly/FPSgrading If offers videos and documents about how grades and scores are calculated as well as videos on how to better see your student’s grades. Fargo Public Schools has created this Family Guide that will better help you navigate Evidence Based Grading.

Technology Support

Fargo Public Schools understands that distance learning and additional technology can sometimes be difficult to navigate. If students and parents need help, they can call the support line at 701.446.1450 or email helpdesk@fargo.k12.nd.us. Technology support is available Monday through Thursday from 7:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Fridays from 7:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Instructional Platform Help

For extra support, email Brenda Cain at cainb@fargoschools.org to set up a Zoom meeting. Seesaw, Google Classroom, Zoom, and Dreambox are some of the tools she is happy to help with.


Greeting Davies High Community,

As is required by the McKinney-Vento, Homeless Assistance Act, the attached flyer is being sent to all Davies families. If you know a student or your family is currently homeless, please contact the person on the flyer for help.

Big picture


Community Flu Shot Blitzes

Sanford Health is hosting several influenza vaccine events, including drive through blitzes. The events will take place on several Saturdays during the fall from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. All ages are welcome, and appointments are necessary. Social distancing and masks are required.

Drive Through Flu Blitz @ FargoDome

October 10

October 17

Call 701.234.8830 to make an appointment

Flu Blitz @ West Fargo Clinic

October 10

October 17

Call 701.234.4445 to make an appointment

For more information on how to get a flu shot, visit the Sanford Health website.

NATIONAL MERIT SEMI-FINALISTS - 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program

Fargo Public Schools is pleased to announce that ten students have been named 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program Semifinalists. They were chosen out of more than 1.5 million juniors across the country who took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarships Qualifying Test. They are now among 16,000 other semifinalists who have an opportunity to compete for more than $30 million in scholarships next spring.

In order to become a finalist, students must submit an application providing information on their academic record, participation in activities, demonstrated leadership abilities, employment, honors, and awards. Winners will be announced between April and July 2021.

Davies High School Junior Wins EDC Golf Title

Congratulations to Davies High School Junior Ava Olson for winning the Eastern Dakota Conference (EDC) Girls Golf Champion Title. She earned the honor on September 28 with a score of 81 at the Grand Forks Country Club. Davies High School (2nd place), North High School (3rd place), and South High School (4th place) all qualified for the Class A Girls State Golf Tournament at the Souris Valley Golf Course in Minot on October 5 and 6.

Davies Wind Ensemble Chosen as Governor's Band

The Davies High School Wind Ensemble has been named the 2020 Governor’s Official State Band. North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum chose the ensemble to represent the state not only because of its musical abilities, but also because of its community service. The Davies music program participates in the Fill-the-Dome food drive, volunteers with the Red Cross, and participates in other local fundraisers. Click here to read the governor's full press release.

Big picture

EDC Boys' Tennis All Conference Players

Congratulations to Kareen Kamem of Davies High School and Jaron Dufault of North High School! They were selected as Eastern Dakota Conference (EDC) Boys' Tennis All Conference Players. They were chosen through a voting process by EDC Boys' Tennis coaches.
Big picture
Big picture
Congratulations to the six soccer players from across Fargo Public Schools who were named Eastern Dakota Conference (EDC) Boys' Soccer All Conference Players. They were chosen through a voting process by EDC Boys' Soccer coaches.

The Show Must Go On

Adaptation is a skill actors must master to be convincing in their role. This makes it no surprise that the Fargo Public Schools Theatre programs are thriving through the changing world of COVID-19. In this feature article, read how programs are changing their normal schedules and methods to make sure students still have the opportunities to perform.



You can now follow the Davies Orchestras on Facebook [Davies High School Orchestras] and Instagram [daviesorchestras]. We are excited to use these social media platforms as a way to make connections with our community during a time when physical distancing is necessary.


Philanthropy and Youth is underway and have stared meeting. If you want to get involved but have not yet, you will need to talk with Mrs. Nordmeyer or Ms. Seelig as soon as possible because the window to join the club will close in October. The theme this year for PaY is Passion. All of our work will center around this theme and be the driving force for the direction this year takes. We are looking forward to this challenging, yet exciting year.


Senior Pictures are due March 1, 2021. Seniors can submit either a color or black and white picture. We suggest a face shot if possible and all photos must be portrait (vertical). Senior pictures must meet the requirements to be in the Davies Yearbook. Requirements can be found on the attached page.

  • Pictures should be digital. Senior pictures can be emailed to daviesyearbook@fargoschools.org. Make sure to follow the digital photo requirements found on the attached page.
  • Hardcopy photos are accepted at a $5 charge. They can be submitted to the office.
  • A late fee of $10 will be charged to any senior picture received after March 1, 2021.
  • Senior pictures will not be accepted after April 1, 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation; we are working hard to make sure that all seniors are included in the 2021 Yearbook.

Grad Ads for the 2021 Yearbook will be sold only March 1-31, 2021 (no exceptions). There will be a limited number of ads available (once they are sold out, no more ads will be sold). More information will be available in January 2021.

If you have any questions about Senior Pictures or Grad Ads, please feel free to call Jenna Johnson Uphoff at 701-446-5751.

First Day of School Pictures

Did you take a 2020 First Day of School picture? If so, send your picture to the Davies Yearbook staff at daviesyearbook@fargoschools.org. Please list names and grades of students include in the picture.

Homecoming Pictures

Send your Davies Homecoming pictures from the week to the Davies Yearbook staff at daviesyearbook@fargoschools.org. Please list names and grades of students included in pictures.


Fargo Davies High School

Yearbook Senior Portrait Requirements

Every graduating senior is allowed to submit a portrait photo to be used as their picture in the Davies Yearbook. This photo must follow the guidelines and rules from school policy, dress code, and law. Not following these guidelines will result in the photo not being allowed in the yearbook and the student will be asked to submit a different photo.

  1. Subjects including promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, guns, weapons, or depiction of violence may not be worn or shown in the photo.
  2. Photos with accessories (i.e. hats, scarves, jewelry), props (i.e. sports equipment, musical instruments, cars), and domesticated pets are allowed as long as they do not promote or condone illegal activity.
  3. The subject of the photo should be the student, not the props or background. (Yearbook staff prefers head and shoulder photos.)

Photos may be edited or not published if they represent or include any of the following:

  • Violating school policies and behavior codes
  • Displays of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, or weapons of any kind
  • Inappropriate gestures, facial expressions, postures, or hand gestures
  • Revealing, suggestive, or obscene clothing

All photos submitted must conform to school standards and policies and if needed, may be subject to review or approval by, but not limited to the yearbook staff, the yearbook advisor, and the school administration.

The yearbook staff reserves the right to edit or deny any submitted photo for publication and printing in the book.

The yearbook is a school publication, supervised by a student media advisor, and shall be reviewed by an administrator if the publication goes against school policy. (NDCC Ch. 15.1-19-25)

Digital Photo Requirements:

All photos must be at 300 dpi in resolution and at least 1.5 by 2 inches in size. Pictures need to be saved as a JPG file. Photos files must be named with the senior’s legal last name and then the legal first name (ex: Smith_William.jpg)


September 29, 2020

Fargo Davies Booster Club Members:

On behalf of the Fargo Davies Booster Club, thank you for your continued support of Davies High School activities and athletics. So far this year, your generous support has already helped the Booster Club fund:

*Davies Band: “Operation Trash Can” - Used to purchase metal and rubber trash cans for the

drumline to perform during pep fests and other events.

*Boys Cross Country: Plaques for athletes who achieved summer running goals.


Want to get your business in front of the Davies audience? Please contact Tom Nelson for current advertising opportunities at indigo1622@icloud.com.

Social Media

Please feel free to post scores, pictures, and positive articles you want to share with the Davies Booster community on our Facebook page.

Booster meetings – Join us!

You don’t have to be a member of the board to attend our monthly meetings! We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month virtually on Microsoft “Teams.” Email Misty Dietz at MistyLDietz@gmail.com for the invitation.

Here’s an easy—and FREE—way to raise money for Davies

Did you know that Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to our club when you specify Fargo Davies High School Booster Club as the Amazon Smile organization? All you have to do is click the link below and then place your order as usual:

Our unique charity link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-2716982

We send out regular updates, but if you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any

board member. Emails on our website: https://www.fargo.k12.nd.us/DaviesBoosterClub

Our next meeting will be online on October 14th at 6:30.


Fargo Davies Booster Club

Student Dress


The purpose of this policy is to enhance the education of Fargo Public School K-12 students by establishing expectations of dress and grooming that are related to educational goals.


The school district is responsible for seeing that student attire does not interfere with the health or safety of any student, that student attire does not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for any student, and that dress code enforcement does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression of any protected group.

The following is expected at all times:

  • Clothing with opaque fabric that covers the student’s chest, sides of body, midriff, and their entire undergarments must be worn.
  • Pants/Jeans or the equivalent (i.e., skirt, sweatpants, leggings, dress, or shorts) long enough to cover the student’s private areas must be worn.
  • Pants/Jeans or the equivalent should be secured not to reveal undergarments.
  • Shoes must be worn.
  • Clothing advertising or promoting the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drug paraphernalia, guns, weapons or depiction of violence may not be worn.
  • Vulgar clothing of any kind may not be worn.
  • Vulgar is defined as pictures, images, words, silhouettes of individuals, or sayings that depict sexually suggestive expressions or actions, profanity, obscenity, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or which degrade the integrity of individual groups.
  • Hats, hoods, or head coverings may not be worn in the building with the exception of a religious purpose, documented medical need, or with special approval by the administrator for special school events/celebrations/circumstance.

Cell Phones

Students can use cell phones and electronic devices BUT ONLY in the commons, hallways, and locker bays. Upon entering the library or a classroom, all cell phones and all non-school issued electronic devices will be put away unless they are deemed to be educationally appropriate by the classroom teacher. If a student is asked to turn their cell phone over after being found to be in violation they must comply. Consequences/protocol will include the following:

First violation – The device will be confiscated by the teacher and returned at the end of the class period, communication with the parent regarding the incident, communicate with student to reset expectations, and submit a log entry.

Second violation – The device will be confiscated by the teacher and given to the office and submit a log entry. Administration will visit with the student and communicate with parents about future violations. Device will be returned at the end of the school day.

Third violation – Device will be confiscated by the teacher and given to the office and submit a lot entry. At this point a parent will be required to pick up the phone in the office and student will face possible suspension from school.

Messages and photos on a cell phone are subject to viewing by administration given reasonable suspicion of a crime and/or school infraction. In the event a student must use an electronic paging device for health reasons, the student and his/her parents must petition the administration for such use.


Lockers will be equipped with a combination padlock loaned by the school. Lockers should be kept locked and combinations not shared with other students. Lost or stolen locks will be paid for by the student. The charge for a lost lock is $5.00. Students are responsible for books and personal possessions at all times. STUDENTS ARE ADVISED TO LEAVE VALUABLES AT HOME. Any graffiti appearing on the outside or inside of the locker is considered vandalism and will be the responsibility of the student. School administrators reserve the right to search lockers, but only when it is reasonable to suspect that the locker contains items or articles which may constitute a hazard or contains property that does not belong to the student.

Gym lockers and locks are available to students enrolled in physical education classes. All items placed in the locker room during class must be placed in a locked locker to ensure items are not stolen. Students must refrain from placing personal items of value in gym lockers. The school will NOT be responsible for the loss of unsecured items. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all personal items are properly secured when left in the locker room areas. Lost locks are again the responsibility of the student and a $5 fee will be assessed for a lost lock.


Student athletes participating in NDHSAA sanctioned sports programs are required to file a pre-participation health history screening and physical examination clearance form with the school office prior to their practice & participation in any athletic program. Student athletes who plan on participating in fall sports programs need to ensure they have their physical form on file prior to the first practice. Forms can be found on the Davies website under the Activities/Student forms or click here.


The School Board (Policy #6220) recognizes that regular attendance is necessary to achieve consistent educational progress. In addition, North Dakota state law requires all children between the ages of seven and sixteen to be in attendance every day school is in session, with exceptions for illness and certain other in-capacities. Class attendance is imperative for students to achieve consistent educational progress. The Fargo Public School’s senior high attendance regulations are based on the premise that full participation in class activities is very important in the total learning process.

Students will be excused for the absences listed below if the parent/guardian calls the attendance secretary prior to the absence or sends a note or a doctor’s excuse. The attendance secretaries may be reached at 446-5611 (A-J) or 446-5610 (K-Z). Students leaving for appointments during the school day are required to check out with the attendance secretaries prior to their departure and check in when they return. Arrangements for make-up work will be made directly with the teachers of classes that have been missed.



  1. Personal Illness
  2. Illness or death in the family
  3. Weddings of relatives and participation in
  4. Family emergencies
  5. School sponsored activities
  6. Religious activities approved by an administrator
  7. Trips requested by parents and approved by an administrator
  8. Funerals of family, relatives, or friends
  9. Required court appearances
  10. Medical & dental appointments


  1. Truancy is defined as being absent from one or more classes without the consent of parent/guardians and/or school officials. Truancy is also defined by behaviors such as failure to report to the office after being sent, leaving class without a teacher’s permission, abuse of pass usage, failure to leave school after checking out with the attendance office, and failure to go to class upon returning to school.
  2. Oversleeping
  3. Transportation problems
  4. Removal from class for disciplinary reasons (administration ordered suspension will not count as an unexcused absence)
  5. Unverified appointments
  6. Failure to check out with the attendance office when leaving school for an appointment.


Students are expected to be in class on time. The following procedures will be followed.

  1. Any three (3) tardy/late marks in a single class will equal an unexcused absence.
  2. Any student arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will have their tardy marked as LATE.
  3. At two truancies or the accumulation of six (6) tardy/late marks in a semester for a student may result in a formal attendance review. The attendance review document will outline attendance expectations going forward and disciplinary action if attendance issues continue.


A detention will be assigned for each period of truancy and for every third tardy. Detention times will be held on Wednesday 8:00 – 8:45 am and 3:00 – 3:45 pm, Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-3:45, and on Saturdays from 9:00 – 12:00 am. Students who have assigned detentions to serve may NOT participate in selected school sponsored functions until detentions are completed.

Davies High School

Troy Cody - Principal - 446-5604

Dale Miller, Asst. Principal - 446-5607

Sean Safranski, Asst. Principal - 446-5606

Lenny Ohlhauser, Activities Director - 446-5608