Tangerine Post

What's New?

A new family, the Fishers, have moved into their new home in Lake Windsor Downs. The muck fires continue to burn behind their household. The lightning blasts away at the same area covered in sugar sand. The football pro, Erik Fisher, from Texas has moved into our area. Hopefully, he will guarantee us a victory. A smaller lad, Paul Fisher, has moved in along with his family to the area. He has joined the soccer team in the local Lake Windsor Middle and High School. Mike Costello has been killed during football practice. His two friends, Erik and Arthur, have been reported by Paul Fisher to be celebrating his death. No other witnesses have been found. Erik and Paul's mother has started a telephone campaign about the football team due to the recent Mike's death. Some saddening news for the soccer team had been released as Paul Fisher was kicked for a visual impairment that was stated on a slip. That is all, have a wonderful day!

The Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Erik Fisher has continued his future career as the pro of football, however his brother has a much different life. Paul Fisher has a normal, boring life next to his football pro brother. Paul tries to live a happy, normal life on his soccer team, but Erik tries to stay in the spotlight. Erik was going to be a famous football player by first proving his superiority in the football team, and Paul appears a little envious but otherwise happy. Erik Fisher seems to know something about the lightning strike on poor Mike as he was heard by Paul to be joking about it and laughing with his friend.

Tragedy Strikes!

Young Mike Costello was struck by lightning. He was shot by the daily lightning blast during football practice. Paul Fisher and his mother were informed of this by his older brother Erik and his older brother's best friend, Arthur. Paul has stated that Erik and Arthur were actually happy about the death. His mother started a telephone campaign to the members of the football team. An agreement has been made with the school board promising a more safe environment for the sport teams.

Hints of Anxiety (MOYA) in Tangerine

Anxiety has been seen in our own Lake Windsor community. Paul Fisher has been seen with a few examples of anxiety. He appears to have some parental problems. His father doesn't pay much attention to him, but instead he pays attention to Paul's brother. This has eventually caused Paul to ignore and thing badly of his father. Another example of anxiety is that Paul has brotherly mistrust. He appears to not trust his brother because of the things his brother said after Mike's death and the attack in Texas. This causes a overall uneasy ground between his brother and himself. The final example of anxiety is the fact that he appears to hide his feelings away from most of the people who regular people would trust, his parents. As an effect, most people don't completely understand him at times.

Lake Windsor Soccer Scramble

The Lake Windsor Soccer Scramble will be held in Lake Windsor Middle and High School's intersecting sports field. This is a competition to find future members of the Lake Windsor Soccer Team! All interested participants must bring the following:

  • Lake Windsor Soccer Uniform (Found in front lobby)
  • Small Water
  • Packed Lunch
The Lake Windsor Soccer Committee hope to see you at the Scramble! Parents will need to drop off their interested children to the front lobby before 6 pm. We will be competing until 9 pm. Best of luck to all participants!