The Monkey's Paw Will Curse Us All!

The family should give "The Paw" away to avoid bad problems.

The Monkey's Paw, can be argued in two different ways. These arguments are about wether the family should keep the paw, and have three wishes, or give the paw away. The family should give the paw away to avoid many bad problems.

The Paw is a Curse!

One reason why the family should give up the paw is because it is cursed. Even though they basically get to wish for anything they want, whenever they do wish for something, another bad, dramatic moment will happen in their lives.

The Paw is on Top!

Another good reason of why the family should give up the paw, is so they don't mess up. If they accidentally mess up one of their wishes, that means that they loose one wish, and then two bad things might happen to them.

Go Big or Go Home!

The final reason towards why the family should give up the paw, is because they don't need it. Even though they could have anything they want, the family could live perfect lives knowing their lives could have been messed up. They would probably rather have that then having something bad happen to them that they might not ever forget.
The Monkey's Paw is cursed, messed up, and kind of useless, because if a wish is made, something bad could happen to someone or something. The Monkey's Paw should be given away so that the family can avoid these bad problems,