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Edition I, August 25, 2021


Benjamin Banneker, Astronomer | Biography


Dr. Jason Stamper


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College Park, GA 30349

Main Phone: 470-254-3410

Student Services: 470-254-3479

Parent Liaison: 470-254-3474


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Join Us For Our Annual Title I Parent Meeting!

The purpose of the Annual Title I Parent Meeting is to provide parents with information about the school's participation in the Title I program, and the rights and responsibilities of parents to be involved in your child's education.
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Join the Benjamin Banneker PTSA!

We all have a vested interest in seeing children succeed, and it is the members that make it possible for PSTA to serve the interests of children and youth. Click here to join our PTSA


The resources below will provide you tools and information that will equip you to support your scholars at home. Feel free to share other resources you discover so that we grow together! Send your discoveries to

Building Relationships With Teachers

Engaging in relationships with your scholar's teachers will have a positive impact on your child's academic success. Click here to learn how to build better relationships with teachers.

Preparing For Tests

Students can get overwhelmed preparing for tests, but they don't have to. This video is a fun and engaging way to help your scholars be ready for the big day! Click here to share with your scholar.

Free Tutoring Support

Varsity Tutors offers a wealth of support including free tutoring that will empower you to support your scholar at home. Click here to explore opportunities.

How Social Emotional Learning Supports Students at School and Home

Support Social Emotional Learning, The Caffeinated Classroom on YouTube

Harms of Copyright Policy

Learn what copyright policy is and help your scholar avoid violating it. Click here.

Now Is the Time to Apply For College Financial Aid

Today is the day your and your 12th-grade scholar should be researching and applying for financial aid for college. Click here for tips.
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What's New at Fulton County Schools?

Fulton County has created a one-pager highlighting all the new and exciting things happening in Fulton County Schools. Click here to review it.

Banneker Community Food Distribution

We will have our next community food distribution on August 26, 2021 at Banneker High School from 4:15pm - 6:00pm. We will have fresh produce, milk, meats, and more. I have attached a flyer for additional details. Click here for the flyer. See you there!

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The Emergency Broadband Benefit

The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary FCC program to help households struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. Eligible households can enroll through an approved provider or by visiting

We are eager to assist you and value your time, so before you call the school have you:

1. Checked on the District website:

2. Checked the School's Website:

3. Read Dr. Stamper's Weekly Email to Parents

These sources empower you with the information you need. Should you need further support, please reach out to us!


When Can I Drop My Scholar Off?

Parents cannot drop off students before 7:45 am as we need to ensure staff is available to provide appropriate supervision.

When Will My Scholar Be Counted As Tardy?

As of August 23, 2021, we will begin strictly enforcing our classroom tardy policy. Students will have had two weeks to learn their schedule and the school layout. We need our students in class and on time. There are always several staff members on the hallways to assist students if they need help navigating their way to class, but they must move directly to class and be ready for instruction; every minute is valuable.

Please encourage your child to report to class each period, on time.

What is the School Bell Schedule?

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What Is the School Dress Code?

Parents, we need your help to make sure your child adheres to the dress code daily to ensure no instructional time is missed. The Banneker High School dress code is based on the Fulton County Schools dress code. Based on the interest of climate and order, this dress code has been reviewed with them and is also in the Student Handbook.

The following will not be allowed:

  • Spandex
  • Leggings
  • Jeggings
  • Midriffs
  • Shirts with backs out
  • Spaghetti straps
  • Sagging pants,
  • Jeans with rips above the knee
  • Do-rags
  • Bandanas
  • Bonnets
  • Clothing related to gang paraphernalia or that promotes drugs, alcohol, violence, sex Any other prohibited item as identified by the Fulton County Schools dress code policy

Hats or hoodies may not be worn in the hallways or as students travel throughout the building. This is a safety issue that hinders our capability to quickly identify students, especially in this season where masks are required.

How Can I Access My Scholar's Schedule and Register for Infinite Campus?

You may access your child’s schedule in Infinite Campus. Please register for Infinite Campus using the below link/information. Infinite Campus is a wonderful tool that helps you to not only track your child’s schedule but grades, attendance, and overall progress. If you have any issues or questions, please contact our Parent Liaison, Erika Neal, at 470-254-3474 or

Enter your email address below to receive parent portal activation information

Who Is My Scholar's Counselor?

Students’ guidance counselors are assigned alphabetically, by last name. Please see below for your child’s assigned counselor. There are slight adjustments from last year.

Mrs. Holmes-Cosby: Students last names A-C

Ms. Sutherland: Students last names D-Johnakin

Ms. Muneer: Students last names Johnson-Ran

Mr. Lawrence: Students last names Rao-Z

Ms. Reid: Counseling Intern

How Many Credits Does My Scholar Need to Get Promoted?

Students must earn the following number of credits to be promoted to the next grade level:

  • 10th grade: 5 credits
  • 11th grade: 11 credits
  • 12th grade: 17 credits

What About My Scholar's Laptop/Device?

Please be sure that your child brings their Fulton County-issued device and charger every day. If they have a Microsoft Surface or iPad, we will begin switching those out for Dell laptops on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, as all students will use Dell Laptops this year. Please ask your child to boot up/turn on their computers tonight so that updates will being installing automatically.

How Can I Find My Scholar's Bus Number?

The Transportation Department has placed all bus information on the Fulton County Schools website. Simply type in your address, and it will give you all route information along with pick-up and drop-off times. Click here to get your bus information.

What Type of Book Bag Does My Scholar Need?

All students must carry CLEAR or MESH book bags. This is done to keep everyone safe. If your child does not have a clear or mesh backpack/bookbag, we can provide them one, free of charge. We will collect the backpacks/bookbags of all students who bring them to campus and return them to them when they exit the building. However, if the same students continue to bring backpacks/bookbags that are not mesh or clear, their bag will be confiscated and only returned to the parent.

What Does Being A Title I School Mean?

Title I is a federally funded program designed to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic standards and state academic assessments.

The Title I program focuses on the academic needs of the most disadvantaged students.

Can My Scholar Bring Outside Food to School?

Please be reminded that Fulton County policy remains the same regarding outside food and homemade items. Outside food (this includes Uber Eats, Door Dash, Grub Hub, Postmates, etc.) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Also, students are not permitted to bring outside food, for sale or distribution, for any reason. This includes homemade meals/dinners, treats, birthday cakes, prepackaged items, and meals provided by delivery services like those listed above.

Any violation of this policy will result in these items being confiscated by school officials and held until further notice or discarded. Violation of this policy is also a Tier II offense in our student code of conduct and could result in disciplinary action.

Students may certainly bring their own lunch from home for their individual consumption but must not share with other students. However, please do not send food to school for your child using any services like those listed above.

How Do I Make a Report If My Scholar Gets COVID-19?

COVID-19 Cases and Awareness

Use the District link created to monitor COVID cases at each school using the following link

Fulton County Schools works very closely with the Georgia Department of Health and are advised on quarantine procedures and next steps in all cases. Again, please be assured that we will always contact parents directly if your child has been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID.

COVID Reporting for Parents

The Fulton County Board of Health (FCBOH) and Fulton County Schools have developed an online portal for FCS parents/guardians to report student COVID-19 related cases.

Please make a report to the FCBOH when your student is COVID-19 positive, has a pending COVID-19 test result, or has been in direct contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Also, please use this resource for official reporting rather than alerting the school and/or teacher. If you must engage the school/teacher, please do so after you have made an official report to the FCBOH.

To ensure the protection of our school community, please do not allow your child to attend school or school-sponsored events when he/she is ill and/or has any of the above COVID-19 concerns. Please reference the attached flyer and consider posting it in a visible location for easy access.

For easy access, you can also use the link below to report any student-related COVID-19 issues. COVID-19 related issues include students testing for COVID-19 for any reason, being exposed to or having direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19 or students testing positive for COVID-19 themselves.

Parent (Student) COVID-19 Reporting Portal

Click here to review the flyer.

Your input helps us create a more impactful educational experience for your scholar. Please complete our Input Survey which will inform our School-Wide Plan, School Climate and Parent /Family engagement activity:

Erika D. Neal, Your Parent Liaison

I am here to help you with tools and information that will empower you to support your scholar at home. Please mark your calendars for our parent workshops, follow us on Facebook and become a member of our PTSA to enhance your engagement.