By Kayleigh Griffin

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was built so that it would make travel faster. It took a breath taking 10 years to build the canal so that people could save a couple weeks of travel but i guess that Theodore Roosevelts people felt it was worth it when they built it.

The Sloth

The Sloth

The Sloth can't walk so it swings from tree to tree. The deforestation in the Amazon would kill the sloth because it wouldn't be able to get food without trees to help them travel.

Air Pollution in Mexico City

There is a high population so there are a lot of cars. Since Mexico City has such high elevation there is less oxygen so fuels don't fully burn.So the gas from all there cars are trapped because the Sierra Madre mountains .To help with the pollution there are new restrictions on car use,and classes you can take to teach you about the pollution .

Fun Facts:

1.the chihuahua is the worlds smallest dog named after a state in Mexico

2.Mexicois located in the "Ring of Fire"one of earth's most violent earthquake and volcano zones.

3.Mexico is home to a very rare rabbit called the volcano rabbit which lives near Mexican volcanoes.

4.Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world by total area

5.Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chilies to the world.