By: Brayden Turner

Thing's a Lawyer has to deal with

Lawyers are bound determined at sometime in there career to have to deal with a mentally depressed or a very frustrated person in there career and they have to know how to deal with that.

A Lawyers Salary

How much A Lawyer Generally Makes.

Lawyers earned an average annual salary of $133,470 in 2014 which is more money than an original occupation.
Legal Questions : What Is a Corporate Lawyer?

What you have to be able to work with.

Usually stressed out people also very angry parents for instants a parental fight argument for full custody.Also you have to work with many types of people such as ex military which can be scary at times.

5 helpful thing's to get the job.

  1. Speech, Convincing, Defending, Arguing,Honor for the judge

Helpful core classes

  1. English,Math,and Social Studies