Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 22 News/Updates "Preparation is only the first step"

Team Message:

Hello Team,

Semester 2 has started and we have all hit the ground running! This can be both a blessing and a curse. Make sure you take the time to breathe, reflect, and act accordingly! Find something sustainable that centers you day in and day out. Know that you are needed and appreciated. Let's do everything we can to make every minute count!

Remember, YOU are and always have been the difference makers! Reach out to Katrina or Krysten whenever needed or simply wanted.

Curriculum and Instruction Updates and Reminders:

  • To stay on target for TNready Part 1 pacing is crucial! Be sure to check your pacing weekly. Reach out for support if you get off pace!
  • Print your grade level pacing calendar and keep it next to your desk for easy referencing when needed.
  • Stay in close contact and collaborate often with your grade level peers across schools.
  • Note that if you get more than a couple days off pace, it's imperative that you reach out for support in the most effective and efficient way to get back on track.

Targeted Re-Teaching:

  • Teachers should be using ANET Action Plans to ensure reteaching is targeted for sub-groups of students.
  • Make sure that do nows, center rotations, and guided math groups incorporate spiraled skills as well as current skills.
  • Grade level curriculum zip folders include a variety of scaffolding resources that can also be used as spiral review resources.

Instructional Trends Across All Schools:


  • Students discussing, explaining and defending their thinking around their math work (Mainly Student to Teacher)
  • CCSS aligned work evident across all classrooms
  • 10/12 Teachers consistently using Engage NY Curriculum and C&I Team Curriculum Resources, which supports high quality instructional materials beings used across all schools
  • Consistent use of academic and content vocabulary essential to the lessons

Growth Areas:

  • Anchor Charts need to be retired to a wall out of immediate site (unless they support the current lesson). Too many anchor charts posted can be causing confusion and be distracting for students.
  • New skills need a new anchor chart, unless connections and similarities can be made with an old anchor chart. Anchor charts provide a point of reference for students. They allow students an added support that they can access independent of the teacher.
  • Make sure you are posting daily objectives! Although objectives can be found on guided notes, students still need the larger visual front and center everyday.
  • Reflect on your Teacher vs. Student thinking ratio! Wondering why students still seem to be struggling? Ever said "I have done all I can do?" Students still missing the same problems over and over? --Check your Teacher vs. Student thinking ratio!
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Live and In Action CPD #2 "Whatever It Takes!"

Allison and Deborah in action CPD 2
S Morgan CPD 2 GM Model Live
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Note: The TNReady Calculator Policy can be found online and on our sharepoint team site! 3rd-5th grade students will be allowed to use calculators on certain questions. It's very important for teachers to review Sample "calculator permitted" questions and prepare students accordingly!

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint

This is a working hub that will evolve and grow throughout the school year. You will find both resources from Katrina and the C & I Team here.

3rd-5th Grade Math Resources and Curriculum 2015-2016 School Year direct link: (copy the whole link and paste it if it doesn't open) Math Additional Resources.aspx

Math Department Resource Hub on Sharepoint 2014-2015 School Year Direct Link:

Looking to sharpen your curriculum knowledge? Check out the videos that support proper delivery on the ENY website.