Martin Mustangs Monday Message

April 29th - May 13th

Construction in Progress

We want to take a moment to say thank you to all the students, families, and community members for your flexibility as we do some construction in one of our pods and portions of the common area. Students and teachers have quickly acclimated to the closed off area. We hope to be finished soon so we can resume our normal schedule and welcome visitors back to our campus. Thank you again for your patience and understanding!

Wellness Wednesday Lunches

Martin's Wellness Wednesday Lunches have concluded for the 2018-2019 school year. We will begin our end of year testing and need to ensure our students are focused on their studies. We will have several evening events coming up for everyone to join us for. You can find several important dates for events at the bottom of this Monday Message.

Deanan Popcorn Sales

Deanan Popcorn has been a big hit! In order to keep up with demand, we are now doing submission orders. You should have received an order form from your child last week. Please use this form to order your popcorn and turn it in to the front office. Popcorn is still $2.00 per bag and a portion of sales will go to our student activity account. Parents, you can still purchase popcorn in the front office from 8-3 pm daily while supplies last. We look forward to a successful fundraiser!

Testing Preparation

It is that time of year where students show all they have learned and how much they have grown. As we begin testing over the next couple weeks, please take some time to ensure to do some relaxing and fun activities with your child. This will help reduce anxiety and increase their chances of taking the assessments stress free.

When your child is taking either a DCA test or STAAR test, please remember the following tips to do before the test:

  • Go to sleep early to be well rested and ready
  • Eat a good/healthy breakfast the morning of the test (avoid heavy/greasy food)
  • If your child will not eat breakfast at home, bring them to school early enough to eat breakfast in the cafeteria
  • Be at school on time as the stress of running late can make focusing on the test difficult
  • Encourage your child to work hard, read carefully, and do their best.
  • Be positive and tell your child how much you believe in them as a little positive encouragement can go a long way in building their confidence

For more information and strategies, please click the link below.

April 30th and May 1st - Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade DCA Tests

Students in Kinder, 1st grade, and 2nd grade will be taking District Common Assessments in Math on April 30th and in Reading on May 1st. Please help your little one do their best that day by following the Testing Preparation tips above.

May 2nd - Library Poetry Night

The library will be hosting a Poetry Night on Thursday, May 2nd from 4:30-6:00 pm. Students and parents will participate in poetry reading as well as working together to create their own poems. The Houston Public Library will be presenting information about their summer reading program.

May 6th - May 10th - Teacher Appreciation Week

It is national Teacher Appreciation Week and Martin teachers are definitely some of the hardest working teachers! They dedicate so much time and energy into ensuring every student that enters our building leaves each day knowing more than the day before. Please join us in telling them thank you for all their hard work this week by sending them a sweet treat on Monday, May 6th! This can be as simple as a nice lollipop to as elaborate as homemade cookies!

May 13th-17th - STAAR Testing Week - NO VISITORS

3rd grade will take their Math STAAR test on May 13th and their Reading STAAR test on May 15th. 4th grade will take their Math STAAR test on May 14th and Reading STAAR test on May 16th. May 17th will be held for makeup testing. We ask for NO VISITORS during this week in order to allow students to focus on their test and to ensure a quiet testing zone for our campus.

Please help your child perform their best by following the Test Preparation strategies at the top of the newsletter.

Martin Mustang Staff Retirement Announcements

Important Dates to Remember

  • 4/29 Brighter Bites
  • 4/30 K-2nd Math DCA Test
  • 5/1 K-2nd Reading DCA Test
  • 5/2 Progress Reports Go Home
  • 5/2 Library Poetry Night
  • 5/6-5/10 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/6 Brighter Bites
  • 5/6 SDC Meeting
  • 5/7 K-4th Science DCA Test
  • 5/9 FAME Meeting
  • 5/10 3rd/4th Grade STAAR Pep Rally
  • 5/13 3rd Grade Math STAAR Test - NO VISITORS
  • 5/14 4th Grade Math STAAR Test - NO VISITORS
  • 5/15 3rd Grade Reading STAAR Test - NO VISITORS
  • 5/16 4th Grade Reading STAAR Test - NO VISITORS
  • 5/17 STAAR Make Up Day - NO VISITORS