Job Interview

Some questions they might ask

1.What are your goals?

A: explain to them your goals in life . It shows what kind of person you are. Either you want to make it far in life or you'll work minimum wage your whole life

2.How do you work with others?

A:Tell them if you're either an independent worker or you like to work well with others. It's important for them to know to see if you are fit for the position you are interviewing for

3.What can you do here that others can't?

A: Give them a good reason why you may be a better fit for the job than others. Explain why you think you would be helpful

4.Tell me about yourself ?

A: Talk about the good characteristics of yourself that would be great for jobs

Ex. Hard worker, determined, etc

5.How did you hear about the position ?

A: If a friend or family member told you about the position and they work there, be sure to tell them their name and how you got so excited about the information

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What to wear

Try to wear your nicest clothes in the closet. They judge you on your appearance and how you present yourself. Wearing business attire will show that you are a professional who takes things seriously
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How you may feel

You will feel so nervous to the point where your heart is pounding fast. You may start to sweat, but don't let that get to you. Always stay confident . Interviewers want to see if you are a kind of person that has self confidence. Always believe in yourself