Angel Brown's Dream Vaction

Facts About Greece

My dream location place would be Athens Greece. Athens Greece is located in Grease. I would like to visit Athens Greece, because it's has the prettiest blue oceans. What makes Greece so great is that it's a very family friendly place, and has a lot of interesting things to do. One interesting fact about Greece is that it has more than 19 beaches. Another thing about Greece is that they use euros instead of dollars dimes etc. In Greece some people speak English better than Greek. Many people don't know this but prices in Greece are cheaper than prices here. Greece is a very family friendly place to visit it also, there are many museums to visit. In Greece most people believe in the gods, and goddesses. Many people love to visit Greece for there food and scenery. 16.5 million people visit Greece in a year.

Travel Information

It will take me about 15 hours to get to Athens Greece, Greece is about 6,167 ml away. I will take my best friend with me, so we can spend time together. We will get there by air plane, and we will be there for 5 days.


We will stay in a hotel, we will pay for internet, breakfast, and the gym.At the hotel i will be staying in it will probably have 2 bedrooms if my friend wants to come with me. I will need to pack some clothes, a camera, notebooks, hair ties, and money.

Getting the cost

The hotel I chose cost $41 per night a stay for five nights will cost $205. The cost of air fair will cost $961 for the plane ride. The cost for entertainment would probably be around $500. Food per day would be around $12 because Greece is so cheap.


As I am there i will probably go swimming, visit some museums, and visit the zoos, and aquariums. At my destination there will be swimming, shopping, and museums. My destination provides many fun activities to do with your friends, or family. Some of these activities would be swimming, shopping, and zoos.