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AAA Math: All About Fractions

AAA Math contains many different explanation lessons as well as practice and games. There is a large variety in skill level, from basic fractions to subtracting fractions to reducing fractions and so much more! This is definitely a fun, interactive site to help better understand fractions.

Kids R Crafty: Dot to Dot

This site provides many different options for Dot to Dot activities, both numerical and alphabetical. A unique aspect of the activities on this site is that it contains Dot to Dots that count by twos, fives, and tens.

The Naked Scientists: Kitchen Science

Teachers and parents are always looking for experiments that involve household and day-to-day items and objects. The Naked Scientists' website provides great experiments using "Kitchen Science." There are a ton of options available on this site.

Surfnet Kids Trivia & Quizzes

The amount of trivia and quiz games present on Surfnet Kids is truly incredible! There's a quiz/game for literally any category of subject you can think of. Each subject is then broken down into more specifics. Definitely worth checking this site out!


Piecolor is a great resource for making pie charts. You can choose the amount of slices, their color, their label, and so much more. This resource allows you to make a colorful, downloadable creation that you can then embed into your presentation or assignment.


This site creates fun, unique word clouds. Word clouds can be used in a variety of ways in the classroom for each and every subject. Students can personalize these as much or as little as they want.

Snappy Words

Snappy Words is a fun, visual dictionary and thesaurus. You type in a word and it creates a word web connecting words with color coded arrows meaning "pertains to," "is a word for," "is similar to," and many more. It helps you better understand a word's meaning by creating connections and associations.

Paper Rater

This website provides a free opportunity for students to submit their papers for editing before turning them into their teacher. Paper Rater will grade your paper for grammar errors, give you suggestions to improve your writing, as well as check your paper for any incidents of plagiarism.


Pinball is a fun, interactive site that helps with brainstorming. It contains many different tools which help develop your ideas and get thoughts flowing. One example of a tool is the "Drop Zone." This portion of the site helps you narrow down your ideas and pick a topic. This site is a great way to make brainstorming more enjoyable for students.


Prezi is a site that allows you to make a presentation. It is a unique alternative to the usual PowerPoint slideshow presentation that includes zooming features. Students enjoy personalizing their Prezis, and presenting a Prezi can be much more entertaining than just a typical slideshow.

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