strong·hold Update!

The glass is half full!

strong·hold is 50% funded!

Only eight days after launching our fundraising campaign, 29 backers helped us reach our "Half Full Goal"! (or for those who like numbers, that's 50% funded) What?! We're beside ourselves and so grateful to our backers!

So what if....we could fully fund the project within 20 days? (or for those who don't like numbers, that's next Friday) That. would be. amazing.

A few things to remember...

  • The way kickstarter works, is if we don't reach our minimum funding goal of $20,000, we won't get any of the funds already raised and the project will not we really need your help!
  • You won't walk away empty-handed...each pledge level offers different rewards and you end up getting some pretty cool stuff!
  • Enthusiasm and passion is contagious...helping others get excited about our music and message will help us reach our goal!


We greatly appreciate your generosity and prayerful consideration in helping to fund this project!

Many blessings!

Adam & Lori

Out of Darkness