Internet safety

The internet may not be safer then you think.

Did you know...

Did you know how easy it is for someone to find you if you have set up an account on a social network site? If you haven't changed your settings on your profile to private you could have an internet stalker and not know it.

What not to do...

  • Don't share information about where you live or what school you go to.
  • Do not sent pictures of your self to strangers.
  • Don't agree to meeting stranger you never met before.
  • Don't tell people you don't know you phone number or your age because if they have your number then they could keep on texting and calling you and try to get you to do stuff.

Don't add random people!

Stay safe on the web


If you add someone you don't know there is a chance they are a paedophiles. They usually use a fake account and say they are your age and like all the stuff you like and then one day they could ask you if you want to meet up and if they meet you and it wont end well.DON'T TALK TO PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW!

Facebook Report button

If someone you don't know sends you a friends request and acts wired there is a report button on Facebook so you don't have to feel scared of anyone.

Benefits of ICT outside school.

You can keep up with the latest news and learn stuff you might of not knew without the internet.But the internet also has a bad side if you have a social network account like Facebook or twitter you could be attracting the wrong sort of people and you may not know it.