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Optional PSAT: Sign Up for Sophomores and Freshman beginning on September 21st. The cost will be $20 until September 25th. Testing date is Wednesday, October 14th. Princeton Review PSAT prep course @LCHS begins Saturday September 12th

Use promo code LCHS$100 for discount

Illuminate: Make sure your Illuminate account works. If you cannot sign in or do not have an account, stop by the Tech Help Lab (next to the Cafeteria).

Step Classes: Don’t forget to sign up for your STEP Classes. STEP Classes begin Wednesday, September 16th.

Math Tutoring Available: Wednesdays after school by Ms. DiFiore (2:45-4:00). Room 213 starting on Wednesday, September 16th. Tutoring is open for all math levels.

Wednesday, September 16th is club sign up day!

Tip #1 for a successful beginning to High School

  • Get to know your teachers--you will find out that they are pretty cool people who care about students. The more you know them and they know you, the more comfortable you will be to ask for help when you need it. Someday, not too far away, you will need to ask a teacher for a recommendation and they will be happy to write on your behalf because they “know” you.

Sophomore Scene


- Sophomore sign-up day is Monday, September 21st

- Princeton Review PSAT prep course @LCHS begins Saturday, September 12th

- Use promo code LCHS$100 for discount


- STEP classes begin on Wednesday, September 16th

Math Tutoring

- Free after school math tutoring for all levels

- Every Wednesday (starting September 16th) with Ms. DiFiore in room 213 from 2:45pm to 4:00pm

Getting Involved

- Wednesday, September 16th is club sign up day

- You should be exploring lots of different clubs and extra curricular activities this year to help you identify 1 to 3 things outside of the classroom (clubs, volunteering, extra curricular, etc.) that strongly interest you and you can have a major impact in

- Colleges would prefer to see 2 or 3 things you have an impact in instead of 20 things you are a member of

Junior Junction

SAT II Subject Test

  • Students who plan to apply to 4 year universities should plan to take 3 subject tests (preferably if you’re taking the AP course for that subject)
  • Most students benefit from taking their subject test in May or June as students have an entire year’s worth of knowledge as a foundation
  • If you’re planning to apply to a UC school, there are certain departments within campuses that recommend applicants to take certain subject tests. Click here for more info

  • Certain Subjects Tests are only offered once. Please plan accordingly
  • November administration: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (need to purchase a cd player)
  • December administration: Latin


  • Although this is called the “practice” SAT, students should be mindful of the exam as it’s used by the National Merit Scholarship Corp to determine students eligible for scholarship. Qualifying students may be selected as finalists and yes this looks great on college apps!
  • Students can sign up for a PSAT prep course offered by the Princeton Review for a fee. Please see flyer in counseling office for details
  • PSAT will be held on campus on Wednesday, October 14th and sign-ups for Juniors start on September 8th ($25)

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Continue involvement with your favorite sports/clubs or activities. Pick the ones you’re most passionate about, you don’t need to do 10 activities – you’ll burn out!
  • Consider taking on leadership roles to challenge yourself

Senior Stop


Feature Highlight: College Visits (All visits are viewable on the “College Visits” calendar below and on Naviance):

1) Log on to your Naviance Account (
2) Click on the "College" tab
3) Click on "View all upcoming visits"
4) Click on "sign up" to RSVP for the visit(s) you'd like to attend
5) NEW FOR THIS YEAR: You must print a permission slip from Naviance and have it signed by your teacher PRIOR to the day of the visit in order to be released from class. The College Visit Pass will be available in the Document Library on Naviance (accessible from the Naviance home page), or print it here
6) Bring signed College Visit Pass to college visit and a counselor will sign it as confirmation of your attendance, then bring the counselor-signed College Visit Pass back to the teacher whose class you missed.


Are you a student athlete planning to play NCAA Division I, II or III sports? Make sure you log-in to the NCAA Clearing House as part of the college application process to ensure that everything is up-to-date. You should have sent a final transcript at the end of your junior year and will need to send a final senior year transcript to the clearing house as well as to the college you choose to attend. See NCAA Clearing House website for more information.


o If you are applying to even one private school or out-of-state school, the GREAT majority of those schools will want a counselor letter of rec, a.k.a. the "Secondary School Report. This is in ADDITION to teacher letters of rec. Make contact with your teachers and counselor early, especially if you are applying under EA or ED

o What is the difference between Early Decision vs. Early Action? In a nutshell, one is binding, one is not. Deadlines for ED and EA are earlier than Regular Decision deadlines, often occurring in November. Please download the following handouts for more information:

ED Self Questionnaire

Admission Types

Early Admission Options


o College visits: ongoing (see calendar below).

o College Application Process, Student Presentations: Sept. 17 and 18 via Govt/Econ classes (students not currently in a Govt/Econ class will be invited to attend)

o College Application Process, Parent Night: Sept. 17 @ 6 p.m., Auditorium

o Sept. 22: St. Francis College Fair @ 7 p.m.

o Sept 23/24: Counselor-led STEP Workshops begin; Sign-ups TBD by counselors

o UC Application Submission: 11/1-11/30

o CSU Applications: 10/1-11/30

o USC Scholarship Deadline: 12/1

o SAT and ACT testing must be completed by December for college admissions:

Counseling Corner