Barclay Bulletin

November 22, 2020

Early Release Drill

Monday we will have our annual mandated Early Release Drill. Bus release for Barclay, Ginther, and Hill waves will run 15 minutes earlier, with the first wave loading at approximately 2:50 pm instead of 3:05 pm. Parents who have chosen to transport students in the afternoon should prepare to pick students up from school 15 minutes early as well. Barclay students will be called to the cafeteria at 2:42 pm. Parents should plan to begin lining up for our car dismissal at 2:30 pm.

If your dismissal plans have changed for this day, please call our office at 637-1840, or email the office staff at

Picture Make-Up Tuesday

Just a reminder that the make-up date for cohort 2 students was moved to November 24th because of the cancellation of school on November 6th. Students who missed our original picture day will have the opportunity to get school pictures taken. Families who would like a different picture should return the original pictures with students on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving Plans

Hold on a little longer - 2020 is almost over!

We have two days of school this week heading into the Thanksgiving Holiday. Certainly this year will look vastly different than any previous Thanksgiving we have lived through. Please do your best to stay safe. If you do plan to travel out of state, make sure you reach out to our nurse, Mrs. Day at 637-1842. She will assist with anything you need to know related to quarantines upon return. I have attached a link to the most recent updates from the state, but these are subject to change with little notice. I have also linked an interesting article I found about the influenza pandemic in 1918.

Take the time to enjoy your family (now matter how small your gathering will be). Honor old traditions, but think of new traditions you may be able to create.