Collage About Me

Peter Gilder


My name is Peter but usually my family and most of my friends call me Wil.

My Values

I value my opportunity to play and get better at soccer. I also value my education and my friends. I value my supportive family and my religion both which have kept me strong in the worst of times and reminded me what is truly important and to stay humble in the best times.

Things I Want

My Needs

i need food and water. I need a home. I need money. I need clothes and I need family.


Short term goal: I want to make it on the academy team for my soccer club when the tryouts start during the summer by training hard now and giving it all i got.

Long term goal: I want to be recruited to a d1 college and eventually go pro. I will keep my grades up and keep working on my soccer skills and fitness to be the best i can.