By: Conner Paulson

Causes of Contapation

  • Inadequate water intake.
  • Inadequate fiber in the diet.
  • A disruption of regular diet or routine; traveling.
  • Inadequate activity or exercise or immobility.
  • Eating large amounts of dairy products.
  • Stress.

Constipation Description

Constipation: refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass.
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Constipation Treatments

With diet and lifestyle changes meant to increase the speed at which stool moves through your intestines. If those changes don't help, your doctor may recommend medications or surgery. Also your doctor can prescribe you medication, like Laxatives.
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Constipation Prevention

Eat plenty of Fiber rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains to prevent from constipation. Remember to drink plenty of water a day, 6 to 8 glasses a day.
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Interrelationship between Digestive and Excretory Systems

The digestive system and excretory system are two bodily systems with seemingly unrelated functions: that of breaking down food for energy and that of removing waste from the body, respectively.
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