Digital Citizenship

David M P.2

Digital Etiquette Rule#1

Be careful what you post on online social networks if you don't want your parents teachers or future Employers to see it:

If you put something bad online then you might just ruin your chances of getting that new job you wanted or that Scholarship that you got any of these people can see what you post so post wiseley

Information Privacy rule #2

Dont share your personal information to anyone unless you want them to get ability to send you emails you might not want these are called spam:

Spam can be a way of messing up your hard drive or just a way to annoy you some have links that can crash your computer so don't share your personal information with anyone you don't know

Social networking rule #3

Be careful on online websites because that becomes your online identity:

Be careful what you post or comment when people see that you posted something bad they're going to think you're bad and that becomes your online identity

online safety rule #4

Make sure your username doesn't give away your age name or gender

When using a username on any website don't give away personal information

Cyberbullying rule #5

Dont cyberbully the because the best way to stop it is to not be one

Dont cyberbully it is very wrong when you are mad don't go on the internet just walk away and calm down

plagiarism rule #6

Never copy someone else's work that is called plagiarism

If u copy someone's work it is called plagiarism it can be illegal if it is not okay with the owner of work

Copyright Rule #7

Make sure before using something that was made by some one else it is in the public domain

Do not use anything by anyone else if it is private some work is public and is put in the public domain but some is private be sure to check next time

What is Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is action that impact digital content and communities. It is also the quality of an individual's response to membership in a community.It means you have correct manners online and dont break rules

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